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  1. Thanks to all who had input, got a notification email from NVC about 4 hours after uploading the W2 that it is all accepted and they will be working on getting an interview date. So onto the next stage of waiting!
  2. I'm starting to reach a similar opinion! 🤦‍♂️
  3. All of that can be sorted if required. First step is to get the thing moving forward again. I can only go with what the guy said last night to do for it to be accepted. Hopefully the joint co-sponsor has all their stuff together OK. I will also have to get new police records and sorted as well as these lapsed. Attorneys tell me that I have to take all of that with me and that they cannot amend anything once it's attached. I could well be heading back here though soon enough though to figure it all out with you guys' help!
  4. Awesome, I'm making a note of that option now and will search once we get to that stage!
  5. Definitely it could still be sat there and nothing happening which would be even worse. I'm hopeful that at least it might mean an interview in the next 6 months. Better than the time frame of nothing in nothing that was previously going to happen! I will be waiting to get things moved along again, we've complained a few times. Sadly even had a second one check out the theory who agreed with the first! As you say, it is what it is. The NVC categorically said what the issue was that needed fixing and that it was the ONLY one with the application. Back to waiting (but with better news soon hopefully)
  6. I wish I had found the website sooner! In one day alone the help that I have had form you guys have helped me move something that has been sat hidden for 12 months. Attorneys are apparently going to deal with it first thing this morning so I am hoping that it will get things up and moving again pretty quickly. Luckily I found that for £10 a month my cellular provider will give me unlimited calls abroad to 55 countries but yes, I will be doing it earlier next time!!
  7. Apparently the J1 is no issue. What has actually happened is that the 2018 W2/1099 tax transcript is missing form the upload section for the financial details. This was sent to the attorneys at the same time as the 2016 & 2017 ones and they say that it was uploaded all at the same time. I suspect they forgot and in truth have messed up and therefore we have sat for 13 months when there was in reality no need to. Not a happy camper!
  8. In the automated queue for a representative at the moment!
  9. Thanks Ramon, expensive process from the UK side of things. Might have to be a project for the wife/attorneys.
  10. Getting the attorneys to realise that is my first issue. Been trying to for ages!
  11. Yeah this is my big concern. I've tried calling from the UK but it kicks me out of the system citing call volumes.
  12. Cheers, I appreciate the order in things and thank you for that. I'm asking about the specifics of what I put though - Does that 2006 J1 sitting at submitted mean that the paperwork section is NOT complete and accepted and therefore we are not in that queue? People who are filing in say May of 2020 are getting interview dates and we are it seems are ignored by the system.
  13. I also don't know if the the fact that we were told to add on an old J1 I had from 2006 and that it says "Submitted" and not "Accepted" is a possible reason to still be sat in this state of suspended animation (as per below) I've also read about getting an email to say about it being confirmed that all was accepted, which I haven't had so makes me wonder as well.
  14. Just before COVID hit last year and made it all a little crazy, NVC sent notification of requirement to attach correct forms. We went through the process and my online status reads in AOS and Applicant sections as per the attached. That last activity was 28 Jan 2020 I can see in some timelines in the UK for IR/CR1 visas, there are people getting interviews. It seems to have gone into a complete silence for us and the waiting is of course no fun. I'm trying to understand if we have got stuck in a hole somewhere? Our attorneys just keep saying everything is slowed right down and we just have to wait. Ask NVC seems to produce a generic response. We are pretty much at wits end and to see others with dates of applications in 2020 getting interviews is to say the least, disconcerting. Any ideas, or thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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