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  1. So we had a similar issue. I put my mom as a household member because weโ€™ll be living with her initially when we move over. Ours was rejected and said we needed to do an I-864 instead (2 months after someone else approved her documents ๐Ÿ™ƒ) since we are not currently living with her. It probably is because you listed yourself at the same address. I think you need to put yourself at the same address as your husband on your I-864 then redo your joint sponsors I-864. I know, huge pain. I had a small melt down when we got rejected a second time. Hang in there! This whole process is way more difficult than what it should be.
  2. We're an Irish/American couple who actually got married in Denmark as well! We got married at the Copenhagen city hall. We had our marriage cert approved no problem. I honestly think it just depends who reviews your documents (really annoying). I had it where my I-864 was denied because I used a digital signature on adobe and they wanted it hand written. My mom (joint sponsor) did hers the same way and hers was approved ๐Ÿ˜… which ultimately didn't matter because several weeks later they went back and deleted all her documents because I put her as a household member instead of joint sponsor. They have actually approved all of my husbands documents, they have just made me resubmit stuff for myself (petitioner) and mom. Hang in there! your day should be coming soon! I saw in another thread someone who uploaded on June 6th had their documents reviewed 10 days ago. I honestly think yours should get reviewed this week. Good luck!
  3. Glad this thread was created! We started our process with the NVC in early April ๐Ÿ˜… I made a small error in the beginning that set us back, then they approved 80% of our documents, let them sit there for 5 weeks of so, then rejected all of our joint sponsors saying I filled at the wrong form (even though a previous worker had approved majority of their documents ๐Ÿ™„) and also they weren't convinced I was planning to be re-domiciled in the US, so I had to provide additional evidence. So our most recent submission date is June 24th. I saw they just updated the timeframe that they are reviewing documents from June 6th today. Looking forward to seeing when everyone in this thread gets their documents approved! Hoping this will be our last resubmisson๐Ÿ˜Š
  4. Ah ok. I know for IR-1 and CR-1 you can request help from them. I got the form off my senator to assist with an expedite when we filed our I-130, but we got processed quicker than we could have imagined
  5. I'm not too familiar with the K-1 process, but I feel like that would be reason for expedite. I've seen people get expedite approvals because their spouse was depressed or dealing with increased anxiety. Civil unrest should definitely qualify. If I were you I'd ask my local congress person or senator to file the expedite request on your behalf. Best of luck to you both!
  6. I have my bank account still so I uploaded a copy of a statement, proof I'm registered to vote, and text messages from a potential employer where I said we are just waiting on my husbands green card. Hopefully all of that is enough for them. They certainly don't make this easy. Thank you for your advice!
  7. Hi, I know this is not the appropriate place to ask this, but I have been following this form and everyone is so helpful. For those of you where you and your spouse are both living in Ireland, how did you provide proof of domicile? Our I-130 was approved on March 31st but we're having a nightmare with the NVC. They approved 90% of our documents then just went back and deleted all of our joint sponsors documents and said they I am not domiciled so I was denied. I explained on my application that I have been living here with my husband, I know our situation isn't unique so I don't know why they are asking for proof of domicile. For our joint sponsor we used my mom and put her as a household member because we will be living with her when we move over. After approving the majority of her documents though, they went back and just removed her and said she does not qualify as a household member. Is that a mistake on my part or theirs? Any help you guys can give will be appreciated so much. I lost my job in Ireland at the beginning of covid and have really been struggling away from my family. Getting these notifications today was such a blow knowing that we're going to the back of the line a second time ๐Ÿ˜”
  8. Sharing to hopefully help some people, ok so got the NVC on the phone (YAY!) I called right when they opened at 7am and spent a little less than 30 minutes on hold. My I-864 was rejected because because I used a digital signature and date on Adobe when I filled mine out. I fixed it immediately when they asked. While waiting for them to approve my new one (which I fixed May 16th) we decided to redo my joint sponsors because she filled hers out the same way. I ended up uploading her new one on June 1st. In the mean time they went and approved her original I-864a , so me uploading the new one was pointless ๐Ÿ˜… However, their system was down June 1st apparently, so my submission date for review is listed as June 7th. So although my other documents are all submitted in early/mid May, they will not review any more of my documents till they get to June 7th. lesson learned, if you submit any new documents you move to back of the line
  9. How did you get them on the phone? Every time I call it's a voice recording that says they are busy and to try calling another time, they don't even put me on hold. I'm having the same issue as many on this forum. We submitted everything first week of April, about 75% of documents are approved, then they just stopped. I was asked to resubmit one document, I did it immediately after being asked, and it still hasn't been approved over a month later now. We feel like someone started reviewing our documents then went on vacation lol. I sent an email inquiry and they just said everything will be reviewed soon a couple weeks ago. Any advice/ experience from anyone would be appreciated!
  10. It's just a waiting game unfortunately. We submitted ours at the beginning of April and are still waiting too. They started to approve ours a few weeks ago, then stopped. I got notified that they needed more information for one document, so I uploaded it within the hour. We got a notification the next day to check our account, but there was no new update. It's sorta frustrating that they approved like 80% of the documents and haven't finished for whatever reason. But just keep checking and hopefully you will get them approved soon ๐Ÿ™‚ If it says submitted you've done everything on your end. They won't email you unless they need more information, reject a document, or to notify you that they have all been approved. Best of luck!
  11. Hi, A couple weeks ago the NVC started reviewing our documents and approved all of my husbands documents, some of mine (sponsor) and a couple of my moms (joint sponsor). There was a couple small issues so I fixed them within the hour and uploaded new documents. The next day we got an email that there was an update so we logged on, but nothing was changed and there was no updates. It's about two weeks since that last email and we're concerned that we aren't seeing something or that they couldn't see our new documents for some reason. I have read a lot about there being glitches with the NVC website. We've tried to call a few times but can't get through. Also we've checked the NVC timeframes posted on the website and our date has passed. Is this normal? Just curious if anyone else has experience the same thing. Thanks in advance!๐Ÿ™‚
  12. So happy reading this!!! I've been following this thread to see how things are moving along, we're currently waiting for our documents to be qualified (should be next week based on NVC timeframe). It looks like if we're qualified by next week there's a good chance we could be back in sunny Florida by October! Also huge thank you to everyone who has posted updates, you've definitely prevented us from leaving out information/ not submitting everything we're supposed to. Best of luck with your interview ๐Ÿ˜€
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