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  1. I saw a Feb 2 DQ who got interview date for May12 and was scheduled April 14 You might be on the next batch! So exciting!
  2. Hi guys, I'm leaving on 22nd of May (London>Houston) and I was thinking of doing antigen test outside of Heathrow. Will British Airways accept antigen test from other clinics?
  3. I believe the Form I864 itself is just about 11 pages plus w2 (1 page), proof of payslips 6 months (around 10 pages) plus the tax transcript which if i remember correctly, less than 3 pages?! I forgot but that’s the gist
  4. I brought everything but the consul didn’t tax for any of my tax documents or this form! They just asked for the basic civil documents
  5. Hi! I think you can always send an inquiry to NVC to ask them to hold your case until you're ready. You can delay your case while it's still at NVC rather than when it is already at the Embassy where it's ready to schedule Just a thought
  6. What I would do is to still attend the interview, get the visa and max out the deadline (6months) validity before leaving. Let’s say you get a May or June interview, and visa is issued, the validity of the visa would be 6 months from the medical. If your medical is by June then it would be valid till December. If this is too risky, what I would do is to fly to the US sometime after the visa is issued and come back here for a while to finish my business then go back to the us for good. If this doesn’t work, you can email the nvc/embassy (depends where your case is atm) to delay your interview
  7. Hi guys, I was just wondering. To those who recently had their interviews, did the consul ask for you to show 2020 tax transcript and w2? Will it be required to upload to ceac prior the interview? We were DQ’d last November 2020 with 2019 tax information.
  8. I am pretty sure it is 12months. Basing on the US Embassy (UK) website, they quoted: If you have resided in the United Kingdom for 6 months or more since the age of 16, you are required to obtain a police certificate from the ACPO Criminal Records Office (ACRO). Further information is available from their website at www.acro.police.uk. Note: The police certificate must list all names and aliases by which you have ever been known, e.g. maiden name, alternative spellings of names used on legal documents etc. UK police certificates are valid for 12 months only. Failure to present all necessary and valid police certificates at the time of the interview will incur significant delays to your application. If your UK police certificate indicates “No Live Trace,” or “Further Information Stepped Down” you are required to provide completedetails of the offense(s) and disposition. If you do not recall the specific details, consider obtaining a Subject Access Report so that you can provide the Consular Officer with accurate information on the day of your interview.
  9. I am having my medical on the 15th of March. My ACRO was issued 2nd Oct2020. Visa Medicals sent me an email with guidelines of what to bring and this is what they said in the email re: ACRO validity: ACRO Police certificate (or a copy) dated within the last 12 months for anyone 16 years of age & over (if your ACRO police certificate is more than one page long YOU MUST advise VisaMedicals Ltd ahead of your medical as you may need additional time with the Doctor. If you fail to tell us ahead of the time you may be asked to come back to go over this at an additional fee)
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