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  1. Thank you Topman for sharing your experience, and hopefully the DS5535 wont take more than 60 days. When they told you you need to fill out the 5535 form?
  2. we also moved either, but I am not worried, I think their communication method is with email. But, the address that I provided for US in no longer valid and I dont know if I can change the US address during the interview.
  3. again for this month we dont have anyone on the tracker for Jul and Aug.
  4. You just need to proof that your body is immune with those vaccines either with vaccination card or blood work.
  5. I think you will receive their auto reply in couple of days.
  6. Hi Mary, Sorry to hear about the form after long wait to get IL and still another wait. Did you do your military in sepah?
  7. 100 visas was issued in May for eb cases and here (https://ca.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/consular-operations-updates/) is their status.
  8. any updates @LMIV? it is frustrating the stats are saying Montreal is back to normal for ILs on EB cases, but we didnt see any ILs for the group since May 10.
  9. Hi All, It's end of the month any news about IL.
  10. Last day of the month 🤞to see lots of ILs.
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