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  1. Kool I was bit worried as they didn't give my wife anything.
  2. Did embassy gave you any documents to bring it to the US
  3. What documents does the embassy gives after visa stamped on the passport to give to officer upon entry into the US? Is the medical document online now?
  4. After almost 2 years of waiting my wife has finally got her visa. I applied in mid July 2019, case moved to NVC in March 2020 and got interview in March 1 2021. During interview she got 221g for not having whatsapp chat/ call record, then she submitted all the paperwork at Mumbai NVC on March 23. They refused to take the passport on that day and they asked for it after everything was verified. Last week she deposited her passport at Chandigarh dropbox and on April 29th she got her visa. It was long painful journey for us.
  5. Are you sure it's 1 year or 6 months
  6. No. They just sent these papers when they returned other documents in a packet
  7. Why they asking it again when they already have the same documents in the system.
  8. My wife had visa interview in Mumbai on March 1 2021. She was handed over 221g for additional verification. She later submitted missing documents on March 16th 2021 at Mumbai Visa Center. Yesterday she received submitted documents back, after embassy had verified them. It also has her medical report in a grey bag. Embassy sent an enclosed document which states that she has to submit her passport. The consular officer has circled the MIV box which is asking for more documents to upload on the CEAC website which I already did. Do I have to submit civil documents, financial documents (for example: I-864, bank statement and medical documents) again on the website and in person or not. I have attached the document consulate sent to her. Please help me in this matter.
  9. Try to get in Mumbai one even if you have to stay there for few days. Call them
  10. https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/?language=English&country=India Select new user and make an account. Then follow immigrant cr1 visa biometric appointment. Make sure you have it done prior to interview or they won't let you in the embassy.
  11. Add vendor receipts for catering, wedding dress, wedding invitations, ring, religious officiant and photographer List of people you invited to wedding phone number Evidence of joint accounts, money sent Just try to play as safe as you can. They can ask anything. If you can't provide any then they will give you 221g, which they gave me. Good luck.
  12. She did not took as Noone mentioned here. After people get their interviews they just vanish. Also on telegram link people mentioned it was easy none of the consular officer asked for these things. Maybe it's just tough luck
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