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  1. My husband and I agreed to be joint sponsor for a friend/family that is petitioning for her step-son. She is a stay at home mom and her husband doesn't make enough to be the sole sponsor. My husband and I do and can sponsor. However, I believe I may make enough so I would have to be the only sponsor. But my income is close, because my husband and I have already sponsored 4 family members and there are 4 in our household. Therefore this person will make a total of 9 that I have to qualify for. When they look at income do they look at gross or net income? Also, does the income have to meet the requirements for the last 3 years. I met it last year, but only by 1k. I'm kind of on the side of being better safe than sorry and make sure there isn't any question. So I also was wondering if it would be easier to have her husband be a qualifying household member or have my husband be a qualifying household member. I'm thinking that it should be her husband, so if anything did happen they would have to share the financial burden. Also, I assume, she (the petitioner) still fills out the AOS paperwork even though she has no income?