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  1. Welcome to the family!!! Praying hard that all of our petitions are approved quickly so that we may be with our loves!!! Which service center ?
  2. You have to speak with live representative via ask Emma or on the phone to put in the initial request
  3. I’m seeing this a lot … just a thought I think maybe they took it off because everyone that had filed online was getting the Nebraska notice but in actuality it wasn’t there … just my unknowing opinion
  4. I am also being processed at California and I am a USC filing for my husband who is still in Nigeria filed online May 1 2021 PD , online confirmation said Nebraska but after I went into active review on May 5 2021 I reached out and asked Emma and was told it was at CSC and had been from the start .. today was told yes it was at CSC .. I asked for an expedite and the first time was denied without RFE but when I asked again this time they sent an RFE I just got today ..
  5. I asked for expedite due to my Medical issues and because of the unrest in my husbands country we shall see if they allow me to send in evidence .. this is so challenging being away from him with no idea when we will be able to be living together … it’s the unknown for me that makes it so hard
  6. I am considering this too!! My husband is in Nigeria and I think it will be more than a year still and I don’t want to be apart from him. I own a home here so I can rent it out while I’m gone to pay the mortgage here but I could really use some help finding a remote job in the US that I can do from Nigeria to help support our living there … any suggestions on some good companies with entry level work or entry level accounting work ?
  7. Ok anyone file online and wait a while to get your NOA1 ? I got the online notification with receipt number on the day I filed almost immediately and then it also changed to actively review but still no NOA1 in my documents or in the mail .. I applied May 1 so it hasn’t been a month yet but just think it’s weird that it’s not in my documents tab.
  8. Send me a friend request 🥰 and no I can’t see it in my documents … I thought I should be able to as well but no 😞
  9. USC filing for my husband in Nigeria. PD May 1 2021 Still waiting on my official NOA 1, online filer California service center (because I asked Emma live representative 4 different times) went into Actively reviewing on May 5 but I asked Emma today and was told that active review doesn’t mean it is in an officers hand for review it only means that I appear to have submitted all the required documents and it is ready for review …. 😤 … a little confusing on the case status…
  10. That’s great looks like a fast turnaround for you !!!! Congrats
  11. Yes as I am seeing … makes me very sad as I can not go live with my husband in his country due to medical issues … I can only hope that they come up with some way to make this process faster
  12. No not one in mail and not one on my documents link tab online … the only thing I have is the payment receipt with the IOE number in it but not the official 797c and of course when you speak to someone they say it will take up to 30 days for response lol everything takes so long
  13. I would like to do this but I have not received a I-797C which is asked for when you file I 130… my online status gave me my receipt number and now it says currently being reviewed but no NOA1 on my documents link 😞 been over 2 weeks since submitting online
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