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  1. Hi, I received instructions from the London embassy to print off a 'courier-in' receipt to send additional documents via DX courier services free of charge. On the USVisa website, the nearest location to me is over an hour away. Do people usually have to go in-person to their nearest DX location to drop it off or is there another easier way?
  2. Hi, so there is some complication about my birth certificate and my name. I am interviewing in London in a few days and have a Pakistani birth certificate. My birth certificate had a minor spelling error (think ‘a’ to ‘e) in my surname, whereas I’ve been using the ‘correct’ passport spelling of my name all my life. During the NVC stage, my birth certificate was initially rejected on the basis that it was an ‘older’, type-writer version that is no longer used today. Because that was all I had at the time, I was told to just resubmit with some comments stating this and I got a deedpoll to support the ‘name change’ just in case which got it approved. However, after I was close to being DQ’d, I infact was able to get a hold of the ‘new’, digitalized birth certificate which had my correct spelling all along. So I guess my name wasn’t spelled incorrectly on the system after all, I just didn’t know. My question is should I bring the new birth certificate with me to the interview or just take the older one only since it did eventually get accepted at the NVC. & if so, should I upload it CEAC beforehand or wait to see if they ask me to at the interview since I know I am not getting approved straightaway (medical is after interview) so will have to wait for the approval anyways.
  3. I just realised the embassy keep your passport after the interview, so how will I be able to provide it for my Medical that’s in the afternoon? Has anyone had experience with having the interview before the medical?
  4. Is there a possibility of being turned away for interview if I say my medical is yet to be completed later on in the day?
  5. Hi, I was DQ’d on April 8th and soon after booked my Medical for May 9th at 1pm. I received my IL letter today for an interview, but on the same day as my Medical at 8:30am. Therefore, I contacted VisaMedicals in hopes of an earlier date but they were fully booked. Would I just need to reschedule the interview to a later date now and how would I do that?
  6. Hi, just got DQ’d today 9/4/22. When can I expect to have interview at the current rate? Also, what would I need to do/prepare now? Should I be booking the medical now?
  7. Does anyone know how long the current wait between DQ and the interview date is, or which month they are currently working on?
  8. Just wondering if there is a way to re-upload a civil document that is already submitted. One of my documents was rejected by NVC and upon calling, was told to either re-upload the same one with comments or get another document of the same kind. I ended up re-uploading the same document, but I have now gotten hold of an updated version of the document, however it does not let me upload anything under the actions tab. Do I have to wait 3+ months for it to be reviewed, most likely rejected again and than upload the correct one or is there a way to override it?
  9. I am travelling soon on an esta to visit my husband. I have collected work documentation to prove ties and a copy of my NOA2 approval letter. I was just wondering if I should also bring my original marriage certificate with me, a scanned copy of it or nothing at all (in case it looks too suspicious I am taking civil documents to move)?
  10. HI, for the employment section in the DS-260 form, I was wondering if I would put down 'not employed' or the 'education' sector. I recently graduated and qualified to be a teacher in the UK, but do not hold a permanent teacher job at a school. Instead, I am with a teaching agency that finds me temporary day to day work at different schools as a supply/cover/subsititute teacher whenever I wish to work. If I was to put down employed, would the address for my employment be the address for the recruitment agency? Also, for previous job history, do I need to put down a part-time job I did through my university or is it not necessary?
  11. I understand there are MANY people in similar or perhaps worse conditions than myself. With my situation, I have more of an opportunity to go visit my husband than he has coming to my country so of course I will try to make the most of it- that doesn't seek to disregard anyone else's experience with reuniting with their loved ones. All I was asking was what sort of additional evidence could strenghten my case to either other people who have successfully gained entry with 'weak' evidence or to more experienced members of VJ. I appreciate your input nonetheless.
  12. As @SusieQQQ explained, whilst we are legally married, we do not get to celebrate a 'wedding' due to Covid last year, which is also very important in our culture to be viewed as a married couple officially. My husband has visited my country, but it is hard for the rest of his family to come visit as oppose to mines going to the US to have a wedding celebration.
  13. Just for extra clarity, why do you suggest not bringing all my civil documents - to show I do intend on returning as I have important documents awaiting me?
  14. I don't have any school nor lease documentation. & my 'job' is temporary so would end before I travel? Is there anything else that can be possibly used?
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