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  1. Btw, she started chatting with the new husband while she was still married with original petitioner😧 that's a red flag already.
  2. I would like to raise a question on behalf of a mutual friend inquiring a solution to this matter. An individual arrived to the US under a K1 visa and got married within the 90 days time frame. After 16 months requested for a divorce due to emotional and verbal abuse. Also, a "rape attempt" from a family member of her spouse but no reports were made. An agreement was made between the couple that if he paid her $10k she would not bring his illegal whereabouts to light. The man filed for divorce after he processed her request for adjustment of status in order to receive her conditional green card. Upon receiving the green card, she flew to her home land and stayed there for 90days. Then, she flew back to a different state using her conditional green card. Sixty to 90 days later, she decided to remarry a soldier after receiving a copy of her divorce decree. The conditional visa will expire 120 days after their relocation to another state. My question's are: 1.) What will happen to this person? 2.) Will her new spouse be able to save her from this situation? 3.) How does she go about with her Removal of Condition?