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  1. Misread the response as I thought you meant something else. I was thinking you meant you can’t use a letter. Anyways, these days getting expedites approved is like tossing a coin “head up” you get approved and “heads down” you get denied. Our case reached the embassy today. Now waiting on an interview but in limbo because we have the B2 visa now. So confused on what to do.
  2. For us, it came a day after the cancellation email. It now says “in transit”. I guess it will say “ready” in a few days.
  3. Yes, I do think it helped. That is why we sent both. We also sent all of my medical records.
  4. What it has to do with is how concerned the person who reviews your request is. If you get lucky and have a reasonable human reviewing the request you may get approved for the expedite. It is not easy to get approved for expedited processing. I have sent over 8 requests and spent close to a year at NVC. My case has been there since December 25, 2020. I sent an expedite on November 29, 2021 and ISB has denied all my requests besides this most recent one. I think because I had the strong doctor letters. Plus my priority date is in August 2020.
  5. But I just checked yours and the reason you submitted got approved really shocks me. I lost a baby and buried one alone back in July and they still denied my requests. This one only got approved because I am in Pakistan and the doctors recommended surgery soon for this situation. But your reason would never be approved in Islamabad. It depends on the embassy mainly some are less strict. My dad has a fiancée in Manila. The request he sent for her expedite was approved also for something minor.
  6. I have a question about interviews. If you have a tourist visa can your interview be switched to USA instead of your country? Like if you are currently in USA.
  7. Don’t disagree when you don’t know if it will work for him. I sent 8 expedite requests until I got this one approved after losing my second baby in 5 months. So he can at least try what does not work for one may work for another. So do not discourage people.
  8. Yes, use a MD letter we had two doctors write us letters. The stronger the letter the better your case is.
  9. Ours did today! Thanks to God! We sent a request November 29.
  10. We requested an expedite on November 30 at NVC for our spouse visa case and got approved today December 07. Our DQ is October 28, 2021. We also requested an emergency medical visa B2 and got approved today as well. Any idea how this will work out now? The expedite was for me losing our second baby and needing emergency surgery.
  11. Thank you and good luck to you! I hope it happens very fast for you! Take care and stay blessed!
  12. We got NOA2 today only a couple days after replying to the RFE! Our filing date was August 21. His friend got approval today also and he filed in August as well.
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