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  1. hi all, here's this week's update! i think this is going to be my last one (on a regular basis) seeing as USCIS is only looking at a few new cases a day - they're still working on processing RFEs, but pending cases have seriously slowed. here's hoping everyone will be approved within the next few weeks!
  2. not much progress this week - things are really slowing down for october. but, there's just above 10% that haven't been processed yet, so that's decent
  3. another slow week, but at least we're only at about 15% of october cases still pending!
  4. here's this week's update! i'm going to start doing these once a week again bc the processing for Oct has slowed down a lot, and there's not much change to report between mid-week and end of week. for october cases, we've crossed half approved! less than 1/5 that haven't been touched at all. Oct-20 cases seem to be the most problematic - almost 3/4 still pending for that date. there was significant movement on Oct-23 (though still more than 1/2 pending) and Oct-29 saw the most movement
  5. it's kind of both: they initially go in order from the 1st day of the month through to the last, but there are always cases from earlier days of the month that don't get looked at until far later. for example, Oct 30 cases had to wait for movement to start on every date of Oct prior to them, but now some Oct 30 filers are approved while many Oct 23 filers are still waiting. i'm really not sure why that's the case... not at all! when i did the previous update, it was mid-week and accounted for Mon-Wed's USCIS activity (3 working days). the end of week update then adds Th-Fri numbers so it's 5 working days total
  6. here's the update for the entirety of last week - really not much difference with the extra 2 days unfortunately. i think they've definitely switched their focus to Nov filers now
  7. mid-week update: we're nearing 50% approved for October! only about 1/4 of cases that haven't been touched yet (pending) and 30% RFE. bad news is that the avg. cases processed per day is slowing - i think they've started moving into November filers now...i guess we'll have to see what rate they're able to maintain for October over the next few weeks
  8. So technically all of this info is available on USCIS, but you’d have to check each receipt individually. Most people use the Case Tracker app so they can search for 500 receipt numbers at once. It’s still quite a manual process though. My fiancé has a programming background and wrote a script similar to how the app works in order to pull the data more easily for us to track cases. Otherwise, it’d take hours every week to gather these numbers. In order to have a good estimate of cases from each date, you need to collect the data prior to when movement starts on a specific month. For instance, my first data pull was in April when there had been virtually no movement on October cases. The status for the cases was still “Case was Received” on a specific October date. From there, I track the changes to each individual case number from week to week and apply formulas to the data in excel!
  9. end of the week update! unfortunately, not too different from the mid-week update (possibly because yesterday was a federal holiday? i'm unclear if uscis was actually open and operating)
  10. Unfortunately not - based on what we're seeing with how they're treating these October cases, they're ignoring the case # range and only going based off of Received Date. Most of the movement in the 20,000+ case # ranges are from Oct filers. That being said, the good news is that you're early December, so it would almost be your turn as soon as they get to Nov 30 filers!
  11. hi y'all - mid-week update! decent progress these 3 days - avg. of almost 60 cases a day are being looked at, and most of the attention has been concentrated on end of October cases. we've also hit 40% approved for the month!
  12. we were able to fix it! hit another snag though - VJ limits my uploads so i had to delete previous pics to create more size allowance. if anyone needs previous data, just shoot me a message! this week wasn't great - they only looked at an avg. of 50 cases a day. on the bright side, we've crossed 1/3 approved for the month of October! there's about equal percentages of approved and pending now, and RFE's only make up about 1/4 of the total cases. USCIS has also now looked at/approved a case from every single day of October! hopefully that means they start working through the rest of the pending cases from this month
  13. hi all! so sorry i haven't posted any updates this week. we ran into an issue with our data collection tool after a software update and are trying to fix it now. not entirely sure how long it'll take (i'm not the programmer of us 2 lol) but hope to be up and running at least this upcoming week!
  14. Hi! I can only speculate, but my guess for the slowness last week is the holiday. A lot of people take additional vacation days for the week of Memorial Day, so USCIS likely wasn't fully staffed. In terms of general slowness for September, my guess is just that USCIS is moving on to other cases. Their current primary focus is October filers, and in a few weeks, that focus will become November filers. Based on the data, when they've looked at a certain threshold of cases in one month, they then move on to the next month while simultaneously working on the previous month. However, as the leftover cases from the previous month decrease, less and less attention is focused on the previous month's case load since there's relatively "few" cases left to review. For example, there are probably a handful of August cases that still haven't been decided. Just a guess, but does that make sense? Would love to also hear other people's opinions!
  15. here's the recap for this week! sorry the image is such poor quality today - VJ wasn't letting me upload as usual. i think if you click on it, it'll zoom and be a bit better (maybe). one less working day bc of Memorial Day, but they still looked at about 70 cases a day which is decent. October is also finally under the 50% pending mark! some weird things to note: Oct-20 was relatively untouched this week and Oct-23 was completely skipped. not sure what's happening there since they've even looked at end of the month filers. hopefully, they'll look at those 2 dates next week in addition to the end of the month. based on what we saw with September filers, USCIS will move their focus onto November filers soon, and leftover October progress will slow. guessing we've got a few weeks until that happens though!
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