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  1. me and my husband using Boundless for my IR-1 visa application. they helped us checking the documents in details. first step for petition (I-130) application we didn't get any RFE and even for the NVC stage it went smoothly. doing it yourself might make you feel overwhelmed sometimes
  2. if you will have your interview soon, the DS-5540 is not required right now.
  3. it went faster than i thought, we got an interview date fast too, it will be at the beginning of next month. yeah, i think the interview will depends on the countries. here the embassy reopen their visa services on July.
  4. i see. well, since your last update is august, i think they are actively reviewing your case. hopefully your case wont take that long. my I130 took long, but on the NVC stage it went faster than i thought. i know waiting with uncertainty is sucks.
  5. it was at Texas Service Center. when did you submit your petition?
  6. it will be better if you can have a joint account, but as you said, it will be hard to do if you dont have SSN. in my case, we didn't have any joint account, since we live separately after we get married. the other way to show that you have the evidence is through your pictures between you and your spouse, family and friends. you can also include the receipts of the gifts that you bought for your spouse and vice versa, and the E-ticket from your trips together or when you visit her or her visit you, that will also helps.
  7. my case didn't get transferred to other service center, took 9 months till we got approved even without transfer, lol. but we had same experiences with the date changes, and my husband said it just the update that showing they are checking our case. so i think you shouldn't be worried about it, just keep checking your status at the USCIS site.
  8. ahh, i see.... yeah, i didnt find that type of instruction in the US embassy here. but when i read your first post it just make me a bit nervous if i did miss some step after we got the interview date, because i got closer to the interview day.
  9. i didn't know that we need to register it to the embassy website. are we supposed to do that?
  10. you just need to wait the response from the USCIS, at least you have submitted all those things. in case if they asking for more evidence, try to include pictures from your wedding and pics with his family and your friends if you have, that help in my case.
  11. that means they accepted your RFE and now they are reviewing it. your status will change case approved if they think everything looks ok. there is no timeline how long they will review your RFE, you might need to just wait or try to contact USCIS for your current situation.
  12. priority date is when you first apply the petition through USCIS. after you got approved by USCIS and you work on your documents with the NVC, all you need to see is the date when you submitted all the required documents on the NVC site. and in this stage the priority has no effect on that. you need to wait until the NVC accept all your documents and tell you that you are Documentarily Qualified (DQ). after you heard that from the NVC, then they will work with the US embassy & consulate where you reside for the interview date. it depends on the country and even people in the same countries has different period, usually it will take around 1-2 months to inform you the interview date after the DQ.
  13. i am confused with your questions. first, the NVC or the embassy needs to inform you about the interview date first before you can make an appointment for your medical check up, because to be able to book one in the hospital you need to bring your interview appointment letter. try to call the approved hospital and ask them how long it will take for your examination, then you can book one after that. second, did you already get your interview date or not? you said you are a F2A category, but in this one you said you are applying a CR1
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