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  1. This is my last post for a while, I received the green card in the mail today. Totally unexpected because USPS Informed Delivery only showed the case approval letter was coming in today and the case status at USCIS website was stuck at "Card was mailed to me" since May 11th. A couple of hours after delivery the case updated and showed the tracking numbers. Anyway, good luck to everyone on their cases! See you guys in a while at the removal of conditions thread
  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. You haven´t received the card? It normally takes like a week 😮
  3. In my quest for mental sanity, I´ve been busy the past 11 days Googling similar cases to mine where people got a "Your case is being held for review.." letter at the end of their interview. Unfortunately, every post I found was either people getting an approval message later that day or many months after, there was no in between. Having this in mind, every day that has gone by since our interview has been HORRIBLE because even though the interview went great, the approval could easily take months. I woke up today thinking why didn't I ask the officer about this or that or why didn't I take our lawyer to the interview? There's so many things I could've done to not be in this situation right now. Today around 10AM I get an email from USCIS and I'm thinking oh well it could be that the case status changed from "Interview scheduled" to "Under review" or something like that. When I read it, my eyes go directly to the words "We ordered your new card - Case status: Card/Document Production" (I-485). WOOHOOO!!! I was borderline about to cry not only because our case was approved but because my brain can finally rest from the anxiety that this process has placed upon it. Good luck to everyone on their cases and hopefully I'll get the card in my hands soon like @JasonS1!
  4. I don't know what's worse, if waiting for an interview to be scheduled or waiting for a decision after an interview. It's been 4 days and I'm going insane, the anxiety is killing me 😭
  5. Had the interview this morning. The officer was very nice and even laughed with us a couple of times. She apologized for the delay (we waited for an hour and a half to be called) and after the oath she asked both of us questions about the I-485. She was just making sure that what we said was what it was written down on the form. After doing this, she asked my wife basic-where did you guys meet, where did you get married, who went to the wedding-kind of questions. The officer told us that since my wife's naturalization interview is next week, she's going to "pause" our case until she takes care of that. I'm confused on why she did that because according to the visa bulletin I am eligible for a green card, but I did not wanted to argue with her, so I just nodded. Also, the officer asked me if I still go to the same school. She explained that she had to make sure I kept status all the way until the interview. I think she can be mistaken here and our lawyer confirmed it when I called him after the interview. We would've loved to have our lawyer go with us to the interview but we couldn't afford that extra charge. Anyway, besides that, we felt the interview went great. Even though we brought a binder full of evidence, the officer only requested both of our IDs (passports and drivers licenses) and my last I-20 since I came in with an F-1 visa. No bank account statements, no letters, no affidavits, no evidence whatsoever except a quick look at the phot album we brought and from there she took about 10 pictures (the ones we were with more family members) and asked us who were they, and that was pretty much it. The officer told us that she had to talk to her supervisor to check on the I-20 thing and gave us a letter saying "Your case is being held for review. At this time, USCIS does not require any further information...". My case status hasn´t changed from "Interview was scheduled". Guess we just have to wait more time 🥺
  6. Congrats!! Can you tell us about your interview? How was your experience, what did the IO ask?
  7. Congrats! I used Emma this morning and an agent (miraculously) gave me the date.
  8. Just got an email from USCIS, "Interview scheduled" AAAAAAAAAAAAAA 😱
  9. Last night sent an e-request for the I-131 since the "Receipt date for a case inquiry" is October 20, 2020 and my PD is September 30. Probably won´t get anything out of it but got nothing to loose. In other news, today at 12:08AM got an email from USCIS notifying my I-485 case was "Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview".
  10. Today my 485 case status changed to "Case Was Updated To Show Fingerprints Were Taken". All other 3 remain in "Case Was Received".
  11. Hey guys I went for the biometrics appointment today, it took around 45 mins. Not that much people but they were just kinda slow today. When I checked in, a guy filled a paper titled "Contractor Form" and gave it to me so I would take it to another guy that took the fingerprints. I noticed something on this paper that got me intrigued. My I-485 receipt number was written down and on the bottom part there were boxes titled i485, i765, i131 and so on but only the i485 box was ticked... Is this normal? Will the fingerprints taken today work for both the EAD and AP?
  12. Got my biometrics appointment letter today, dated for March 17th.
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