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  1. My understanding is that you have the right to stay only if USCIS accepts your case and this is done by giving you the NOA1. Without that I can`t be here if I`m not keeping my F-1 status.
  2. I could apply for an I-20 extension and they`ll usually do it for 2-3 more months so I can finish my program but now that I`ve submitted the AOS I don´t know if its legal to do that. I don´t have CPT or r OPT right now but its something that I would`ve been able to apply for once I finish the program.
  3. Hello, I married a LPR and we shipped the AOS package this morning. My F-1 visa expires in 4 years but my I-20 expires Nov 1, 2020. Worst case scenario we don´t get the NOA before that date, what options do we have? Do I have to leave the country? Thanks
  4. So I’m paying a lawyer to file everything (yesyes I know I could’ve done it myself) and he says he doesn’t file form G-1145 because what’s important is the paper NOA not a text message. On the other hand my I-20 expires Oct 31 2020 and for my peace of mind I rather he file it. Seriously I see no reason not to do so. Should I force him to do it? Also if I get a text notification from USCIS before Oct 31 is that my priority date or does the paper version change?
  5. Ok so we´re getting married Monday and filing the I-130 and I-485 (with I-765 & I-131) concurrently on Tuesday. So what Mollie09 said is not true and I can stay here and not be out of status if I receive the NOA1 before my I-20 expires? Worst case scenario I could apply for an I-20 extension at my school and they`ll do it for 2-3 more months but I`m trying not to break the bank here
  6. Thank you for your answer! My i-20 expires Nov 1, 2020. MY understanding is that I should remain with my F-1 status until getting the NOA1, do you know if its true?
  7. My fiancé, soon to be wife (literally, 4 days away 😬), entered the country 4 years and 8 months ago with a K2 visa. Her mom married a US citizen and she came to the US a year after. My understanding is that a LPR can`t petition her spouse for 5 years after getting her green card if her status as a resident was product of a marriage. So... does this apply to our case? Is she elegible to petition me (F-1 student)?
  8. Me (F1 student) and fiance (LPR) are getting married this week. We are planning on filing next week and are currently filling out forms and joining bank accounts, etc. While filling form i-864 we got confused because she (last year made 14k) can`t be the only sponsor, we are moving in together at her parents house and counting me the household consists of 5 people, that`ll be around 38k with the 125% applied. Her step father said he could be a sponsor (he made 55k last year). So, do I put her step father as the only sponsor or is the primary sponsor my fiance and her step father the only joint sponsor? In this latter case, how many i-864 forms should we fill? i-864a? Thank you
  9. Fiance has 1 credit card with Capital One 1 credit card with Discover 1 checkings account with Wells Fargo 1 savings account with Wells Fargo I have 1 credit card with Bank of America 1 checkings account with Bank of America Should we add each other as authorized users on ALL credit cards? Should we use only 1 checkings account for both of us or have a joint account (one on each bank?)
  10. Fiance (LPR) and I (F1) are currently living on different houses (35 miles away). We’re getting married next week and submitting AOS the day after. We are going to move in together the same day of the marriage at her parent’s house (they are signing the affidavit of support btw). Anyway, what evidence besides a cell phone plan with both of our names on it can we submit? Each of us have a checkings account and a credit card. We have no problem in adding the other one as an authorized user but.. can we just do that or do we have to close one and have one joint bank account? Thank you!
  11. Planning on filing concurrently I-130 and I-485 with EAD and AP forms. USCIS fees are going to increase on October 2nd by around $1200. What will happen if I file on September 28th and they cash the check after October 2nd? Would the case be rejected? Or would they honor the old fees since I filed before October 2nd?
  12. Hey Susie, we are trying to avoid a retrogression and also filing after Oct 2 because doing so would increase USCIS fees by $1200 so don´t worry, we will file by the end of this month. I do have a question though, how do I know when my i485 is accepted? How long does it usually take? I ask this because my I20 expires on Oct 31st of this year. Would it be enough time or will there be a need of extending my I20? Also should I tell my school that I got married and applied to adjust status or keep it a secret?
  13. To be honest a lot of what I read in your response gave me peace haha thanks for your response! 3) Basically that they reject packages for stupid reasons (Example) 4) Affidavit of Support My visa expires Oct 31st 2020 but it could be extended 2 more months. After that I could request 6 months of CPT and 12 months of OPT. I`m no expert on the Visa Bulletin but my understanding is we can submit both forms (I-130 and I-485) at the same time since the date for F2A is current.
  14. I entered the country about a year ago as a student with an F1 visa. My fiance on the other hand is a permanent resident and is about a month short of applying for naturalization. We are both broke college students trying to save every possible penny so we are contemplating the idea of filling out the forms by ourselves and saving the $1400 a lawyer charges. The thing is we are kind of scared, I know every case is different but we feel ours is a little out of the ordinary... We believe these are the "weak" points a lawyer could help us out with: We´ve been dating just over 8 months (even though we´re deeply in love and confident of the step we´re taking, it freaks us out that an officer at USCIS would think its fraud) We live 40 miles apart and the plan is to move in together at her parents house but this will be 2 months after marriage so I can finish school since I have to be there almost every day. I would sleep at her house on weekends though Should I still list my address as hers? We don´t want to mess up filling out a form, we´ve read so many horror stories about it (i.e. Not typing NA on boxes) Her dad is going to sign the affidavit for me, is there a guide on how to do all of this? I´ve found guides for marrying US citizens but what about getting married to a permanent resident? My parents won´t be present due to flying restrictions because of COVID So is a lawyer really necessary or do you think we can do this ourselves? Thank you!
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