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  1. Thanks a lot for that I really appreciate it and I will proceed with the request right now.
  2. Thanks for your response oh God i thought i was the only one in this situation!!! I have sent my package to Texas and my service center starts with msc.
  3. I’m an August filer and haven’t heard anything not even a biometric letter this is weird or it’s just the way it is please tell me!!!
  4. 7/28-20 I-751 package sent via usps 7/30 was received by AZ uscis 8-3-20 check cashed out 8-7-20 case number generated case received startling with MSC
  5. I’m with msc since August 7th and still nothing, not even a biometric letter.
  6. Thanks for sharing that, hopefully things will go quicker in days to come.
  7. My case was received the 7th of August but never heard anything since then, no update regarding the fingerprint or anything like that. I am really worried that my file was misplaced or lost. I guess what I’m asking is there anybody in the same situation?
  8. My ROC application has an Augsut 7th date. Received the extension letter but Still no biometrics applied, btw my case starts with MSC, should I be worried??? Anybody ??!
  9. It’s been over a month since I received my NOA and still no biometrics applied to my case which starts by msc by the way, so any ideas?
  10. My finger print have not been applied yet to my case yet !!! It’s been almost a month now !!!
  11. How would I know that they have applied the biometrics that I first got at the port of entry ? I see a lot of people saying applied online, what does that mean and how do I check that please ?
  12. I just wanted to read other experiences than yours, wanna make sure I don’t mess up in case I leave the country with an expired green card.
  13. Why is it that some filers get extension letters and others don’t ? And can you travel overseas with that document?
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