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  1. Congrats, mine changed to that on Saturday. Today I kept spamming Emma until I got to an agent and they gave me the tracking number. The agent did say that once it’s mailed the status changes to USPS has picked package and mentions tracking number but honestly just talk via Emma and get the tracking info
  2. I understand that this is scary but honestly I interpret this as they didn't have much questions for you and just wanted to do an easy interview. Many folks have had that happen. They can't say you are approved or denied to you on the spot as its generally the call of a superior officer. Keep an eye on your i485 I'm sure you are approved. Because they will explicitly tell you if they need to do a second interview or more proof from you.
  3. IRS tax transcripts are needed for the sponsor (petitioner). For the beneficiary its a good proof to show that one has legally filed the taxes. They took the transcripts for both of us, tickets to events, photos, hotel reservations
  4. I did my medical in June. It took about 2 days. Ask the clinic how quickly they can do it. We had a bunch of them nearby charging anywhere from $300-$600 but varied on dates a lot. Best to just get it as fast as you can guaranteed
  5. Thank you. Since our PD is 02/21 we were confident that i944 would not be needed. If you have a post mark receipt of 02/21 you wont need a i944 nut you might want to prepare it just in case
  6. Hello to all. Thank you so much for your advice, encouragement, help and compassion. We had our interview in the morning at the Boston, MA office. I'm going to try and keep this detailed for anyone looking for tips/guide. Please feel free to ask any questions. TLDR: Our PD: Feb 21, 2020. Package sent without I693. Mid march: Received notices. June RFE: For Birth Certificate. Received in early June. Responded within a week. We were able to get my BC online and sent supplementary evidence like school marksheet. July I693 Deficiency Notice Early August: Reached out to Congressman's office in August and coincidentally/thanks to inquiry by CM office we got our i485/i765 bio for Aug 11. Aug 11: 4hrs after bio I765 updated to show fingerprints were taken. 12 hrs after bio I485 updated to show fingerprints were taken. Aug 17: I485 updated to 'Ready to schedule interview. Nov 1: Received 2 mails (no online status update). 1 for bio appt for i131 set for nov 10. 2 for interview notice set for nov 18. Nov 10: 1 hour after bio I131 updated to show Fingerprints were taken. Nov 18: 1 hour after interview I485 changed to 'New card being produced'. I130 changed to 'Interview was completed and case sent for initial review. Tips for Boston office: Dress business casual. Prefer not to wear a suit. Try taking public transport. If driving in, prepare for $$$ parking. Multiple garages near building but bad sign directions. Typically takes us 30 mins to reach office but today all routes had accidents so it took us 1 hour 40 mins. Always account for the unknown. Or get a new yorker partner like me. You will most likely be separately interviewed. Typically, the petitioner goes in first with all docs and evidences. Boston officers are generally very friendly. If you have an attorney, the officer can offer you to go in with your spouse instead of going in with your attorney. Our attorney recommended going in with them instead. Entrance foe visitors is on Cambridge street so try looking for signs or park at Boston food market garage. When you enter the building, you will be asked to remove belt, shoes and jacket like at an airport TSA. Account time for that. When you enter the interview waiting hall you will be asked 'have you been outside mass in the last 14 days?' Package preparation: The interview notice comes with a list of items to be brought. Just focus on that. We hired an attorney so he gave us a run through of the same and did a 'prep interview'. We made one folder to keep documents in the series mentioned as per the interview letter: Interview letter & Passports, I693, I864, BC and so on. Try getting tax transcripts from IRS website right away Try getting a letter from your bank/cc company sharing that you own joint cards and accounts. We made another folder for the 'thick materials' like 12 months of bank statements, 12 months of CC statements, 12 months of phone bills and since we don't have a lease as proof of living together we had collected mail over the year. We also made 3 photo albums. 1 depicting our story on how we met and all. 1 of our small wedding ceremony. 1 of our rescue animals (my wife runs a rescue so we have saved about 150 animals. Try making a similar album for hobbies/things that you and your partner do together (it will help, can even just be an album of your messages etc.) We had also printed out all our air/bus/hotel/Airbnb reservations and tickets. Receipts for gifts we got each other. We also asked our friends to write letters stating how long they knew us, when they met us last and all. Backpacks/luggage are not allowed. Try preparing to have a transparent bag or hand carry docs with you. Questions asked (overall interview time 45 mins). Very conversational: My wife went first and after taking an oath was asked the following: Drivers license and Passport to verify her name, address (how long she has lived there) and parents name. Any former names If this was her 2nd marriage and what her ex husbands name is Why first marriage ended and when did he move out How we met Did her ex ever meet me Proof of bonafide marriage: Photo album How many pets and their names/breeds How we first met, what we did on our first date, when I met the pets, how i liked them Took tickets to events we attended and Airbnb reservations. Took CC Letter, tax transcripts My work status, what kind of job i did, work from home or on site, what my company did, what my work status was What visa I had and previously had Whether she had any dietary restrictions (she saw that I got her vegan cake) What was our fav restaurant What we liked to cook at home When I went vegan How her business was going with covid Then I was called in and after oath was asked (conversationally): Drivers license and Passport to verify my name, address, and parents name. Any former names If this was my or wife's 2nd marriage and what her ex husbands name is When did ex husband move out When did i move in How we met Did her ex ever meet me How many pets and their names/breeds How we first met, what we did on our first date, when I met the pets, how i liked them What things we did together My work status, what kind of job i did, work from home or on site, what my company did, what my work status was What visa I had and previously had Whether I had any dietary restrictions What we liked to cook at home How her business was going with covid Then we went through our I485 questions (whether I'm terrorist, communist etc) Took photo with webcam. Took index fingerprints on both hands. Confirmed 1 change that I was unemployed since we filed and I signed on that Then she said I should be getting a letter soon and it may be my GC for 2 years. Briefly told me about ROC. She was shocked that I had 2 appts for bio. We thanked her and that's all.
  7. we have our interview tomorrow. ANy tips on how many months of credit card, account, and phone bill statements should we take? If we take all we have then our folder is extremely big. Would the past 2 months suffice?
  8. My online status never changed but we got interview notice straight towards end of October/beginning of November. According to letter it was sent on 17th October. Interview is on 13 November.
  9. Thank you for a detailed response! What a trip! I hope you get some happy rest now. can you elaborate what details they went into? Most recent interviews have been short and basic so kind of curious about it.
  10. Thank you for responding. Why Veterans Day question? I have never heard of it. were you guys separated?
  11. Congratulations to you both! Here’s wishing you peace and happiness with your significant others. can you please share your experience and the questions you were asked?
  12. Ours changed to 'RTS' on August 17. Early this week we got our interview set for Nov 18. According to the letter the notice was dispatched on October 17.
  13. Anyone has tips on how best to prove financial capability if spouse is self employed (owner of small business)? I see that folks who have had interviews generally bring pay stubs which isn't applicable to our case. What can we bring/show to prove?
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