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  1. @Greenbaum hello, do you think you could help me with my questions?(see previous post above) also, I filled in the DS-160 online. Will review it before submitting. However, I had 2 major problems: 1/ I had to generate 3 times an application ID (couldn’t retrieve the 1st 2 ones). I haven’t filled in any data at all in the first 2 ones. Do you think this is going to be an issue? 2/ I cannot save my DS-160 on my computer. A message says there was a technical error/problem and the Administrator was informed. Have you ever encountered such problem? What do you suggest I should do as an alternative? I don’t feel comfortable not having a copy of my DS-160 available for future reference... your help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi there, we got our NOA2 approved on June 24th (for a K-1 visa), and obtained our case and invoice number from NVC(by phone) on July 27th. i have 2 questions: 1/ on the phone, the NVC lady said that our case was “being processed”, though no file gets transferred to (EU) embassies. I’m not sure to understand where this puts us at the NVC stage: does this mean that haven’t finished uploading our data in their system? 2/ I started to track our case on the ceac website (I obtained an application number already but haven’t started to fill in any data yet). Yesterday it said “At NVC”. Today It says “No status”...what does that mean?... thanks for your help!
  3. So we obtained our case and invoice number from NVC by phone today! (Found out it had been allocated on July 27th) I understand from the PDF file Provided on VJ that we can start filling the DS-160 file. It’s good to have things to do, to feel busy while waiting for the next step! Makes for the current context to be a bit less frustrating, despite the fact we know no cases are forwarded to embassies at this stage. Great PDF file by the way, so useful! @Greenbaum Would you mind to send me the P3 for Paris embassy please?
  4. Well, my understanding from the article was indeed that Cr-1 visa were processed. But the question here was about K-1 visa. We knew already that emergency visas (including K-1) were being processed since several weeks (on a case by case basis). So that’s not news. However, I’m very curious about the one case you mention of a “simple” (ie not emergency) visa completed recently. Was this visa not falling under special cases (e.g. spouse being in the US military for instance?). Did the person actually managed to enter the US with it? Was it issued by an embassy from a country subject to the travel ban in the US? I think we’d be a lot of people interested to know more about this case and grateful if you could share the details about it : )
  5. We all hope that the travel ban will be lifted in the coming months indeed! getting married outside of the US will void your K-1 visa though and you’d then Have to apply to a different type of visa (for married people), which is a MUCH longer process than the K-1. Patience, hope and optimism is the key for all of us right now😊 Good luck with your K-1 process!
  6. Unfortunately not, as long as the travel ban is in place. I got the info from the app “Case tracker” (which tracks your visa request status and contains all news related to visas). Here’s the extract of the article and the link to it. ”While routine visa processes are resuming (dependent upon local pandemic conditions) in most locations for US embassies and consulates, there are exceptions to what will and will not be processed. This is with reference to the executive order and entry bans instituted by the US government against certain categories of immigrant and non-immigrant visas.” link: https://www.path2usa.com/blog/us-consulates-to-reopen-process-some-visas
  7. Hello, unfortunately visas which are still subject to the travel ban in the US (like K-1) will still not be processed...
  8. Mine slipped by 2.5 months compared to the initial forecasts available at the time we filed our NOA1 (ie before the Covid-Lockdown)
  9. You’re right. Sorry I understood we were talking about the premium processing, which does not exist for K-1 as far as I know.
  10. My initial forecast for NOA2 was around mid July, considering both the average length of time shown on the graph (approx. 156 days) and the trend in the moving average (it started to increment by 1 day everyday again since last week. Until then, it was weirdly moving back and forth between January 16th and January 10th for processing dates). To me, this recent change in trend might be the effect of USCIS staff being back in office, hence being able to process more cases than during the lockdown.
  11. There’s no expedite process for K-1 visas (unfortunately!). I agree that the numbers showed should reflect the “most frequent” one, not the “luckiest one”. This is where mean average and standard deviations come in useful actually. Maybe providing them as an additional info to the existing ones then? Now granted, maybe not a majority of people would be interesting into it (but I would😱...)
  12. So the question is : do they use an average date or a median date?...It would be interesting to have the standard deviation as well. I guess extrapolations could then be inferred for the NVC receipt date and NVC processing date too, as this is still as “predictable” as the NOA1/NOA2 stages.
  13. Hello, the VJ statistics have been consistently showing NOA2 processing dates in the range of 12th-20th of January (receipt notice for NOA1) over the last 3 or 4 weeks for the California Center.. It therefore shows a very slow progression, which is consistent with all the news we get right now about visa handlings everywhere. I was therefore very surprised to receive our NOA2 yesterday, as our NOA1 receipt date was February 3rd. I immediately updated my timeline accordingly on VJ, and was expecting to see this reflected on the global VJ statistics, but this one is still showing January 21st for NOA2. my question is the following: how do these statistics work? Do they measure an average date among all candidates who registered on VJ? Don’t they use the latest data update (ie February 3rd in my case)?... I understand that those statistics are purely indicative, but If anyone has information about how they are calculated I would appreciate some clarification. I think it would help to better understand the possible “variances” in the next steps statistics (NVC, Consulate processing etc...). thanks for your help!
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