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  1. Ok I see, thanks for clarifying. So the real trigger isn’t having a job offer but a change of financial circumstances which has led to financial hardship and which, in turn, may give rise to an expedite EAD.
  2. One question: did you include your spouse revenues?...What I wonder is how showing a household negative “account” (total household revenues minus expenses) makes sense since when applying for AOS and filing affidavit of support, you gave proof that your spouse could financially support both of you...Unless there has been a change of circumstances on your spouse side, revenue wise?... Maybe some of the “experienced”/older members of VJ could shed some lights on this?
  3. What do you mean by “my fingerprint were applied a day after doing my biometrics”?...
  4. It varies a lot depending on the law firm, what you file for, how complex your case is.
  5. I finally received my bio appointment! Woohoo! well, our lawyer received it. The original hasn’t reached our mailbox yet (that’s one advantage of using a lawyer for filing AOS: as the lawyer receives a copy of all notices too, you’re sure not to miss any).
  6. Looks good on my side too! now, the estimate shown in the email is different than the one shown on my timeline (by more than a month)😬 But I can live with that😜
  7. Are you sure you are allowed to do volunteer work while waiting for your EAD? I think I read somewhere that you are not allowed to do so. Does anyone know the answer to this by any chance?...
  8. If I well remember, typing the keyword « agent » puts you in touch with a live agent.
  9. I am forwarding you (by email) the last emails I got (2 with a blank estimate date and 2 with another person’s timeline).
  10. Same here: blank estimates last week, and today again the timeline of yet another person (from the il this time)!
  11. I did contacted Emma a few days ago too and was told the same (no appointment scheduled)... I’ll keep crossing my fingers to receive mine soon then🤞🤞🤞
  12. Lucky you! I see on your timeline that your PD is Feb 9th. I’m Feb 3rd and still haven’t received my bio appointment letter😞 Is there anyone on this thread with a PD first week of Feb and « allocated » to the National Benefit Center who already received his/her bio appointment letter?...
  13. This seems to prove that they do not follow priority date or handle applications in the order they receive them. My PD is Feb 3rd, AOS for spouse of a US citizen (so there’s no cap on number of visas available), and my biometrics aren’t even scheduled yet. so my question would be what is the criteria that defines if/when an application is going to be handled?...I’m lost😱 pS: I’m glad it went so fast for you though!😊
  14. Does anyone know if the biometrics is required for the EAD or if it’s only for the AOS? In other words, if a delay in getting the biometrics done entails further delay in EAD lead time?... also, @Under-the-sea can you ask for an expedite even if you’re not yet within the outside of normal processing timeframe? The agent on live chat told me you can’t...
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