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  1. I brougt everything, but in Rome check-in they looked only at US passport copy and marriage certificate, after took my luggages (the big one, but also the hand luggage - remind it!). JFK airport was empty, maybe 50 people in the plane, same security and temperature controls.
  2. Thank you! Sure I will inform you. About B1/B2 Visa, I asked for 2 years ago, since my husband moved to NY I started to travel very often, it's the best solution if you are not resident yet.
  3. I'm in the same situation, and leaving tomorrow from Rome to NY(I hope!). In fact my husband called CPB at NY JFK airport yesterday, and they told him the same, to bring his passport copy and our marriage certificate, and to go very early. As they suggested him, I should ask to contact the local RCLG, if some problems. About Esta, do you think it's necessary? Because I already have a B1/B2 Visa.
  4. No news yet, so I guess I will be back before interview (August 1st). Thank you
  5. Hi Jorgedig! That's the point, without the pandemic, our Visa would have been approved already! Covid has slowed everything down. It's been four months since NVC's approval... But on June 3rd, Naples Consulate told us that the documents were still at NVC. Beyond that step, when Naples sends you the email, you still have a month, so if it arrived today (but I don't think so) the interview would probably be scheduled for the end of July. In the meantime, we haven't seen each other since February, we've been closed at home in smartworking for months, it's been hard. We've been married for 11 years, we lived together in Italy, soon I will move to US... but today, it's important to see each other and be together.
  6. Yes, in fact I got my B2 Visa 2 years ago, before to apply for IR1. I went to Rome US embassy, with some documents, marriage certificate, my job certificate, translations, list of travels to US.... I had an interview there, the official asked why I needed and I had to explain my intentions. The process between application and interview took about 20 days.
  7. Well, thanks for the advice. Let's see if something comes in this week, otherwise I'll try to leave anyway, moving the ticket will be expensive. If the appointment should arrive while I am in NY, I will ask to postpone it when I return. After vaccinations, everything will be ready.
  8. They' re not saying anything, weird situation...We wrote again last Monday. Anyway, on June 29th, I'm going to get my vaccinations...
  9. Good morning I have a B2 visa but I also have a IR1 Visa application pending. NVC approved our application on March 12th, we are waiting for the interview at the Consulate in Naples, but there has been no further news. On June 3rd my husband asked for news to the Consulate, they answered him that the file was not yet in their records but still NVC, so they could not foresee the date of the interview. So, considering we haven't seen each other for 5 months, I bought a ticket to NY. On June 21st I went to Rome airport showing my B2 Visa, but they wouldn't let me leave. I told them that my husband is a U.S. Citizen, but I didn't have any proof documents with me (I should be excluded from Trump's proclamation). I had to postpone my ticket leaving July 5th, and now I hope to leave. In the meantime (following the advice of Naples Consulate) I wrote to the CPB asking what evidence I need to bring to leave with peace of mind, but I'm still waiting for their answer. I specify that I have a regular job in Italy (I am a civil servant of the Italian Government, currently in smart working, I still have that documentation of the B2 Visa), and that my intention is to stay in the U.S. for 4 weeks and then return to Italy (unless I get stuck on the return!) because I suppose the date of the interview will be set soon. Maybe from July 1st it will be easier to leave (opening of the borders beyond the Schengen area), but I would like to avoid a second refusal. I thought to bring with me the marriage certificate (the one I legalized and attached to the Petition), and show it together with a copy of my husband's passport; I don't know if I should also bring the copy of the IR1 Visa approval, my idea is that showing too many things could be confusing. I would like to have some suggestions, if any of you have been in this situation. Thank you.
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