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  1. Hello Everyone, Since I didn't see a topic yet in the forum about CR-1/Ir-1 Filers from Italy, I thought I would create one. I am a US citizen preparing to marry my fiancé in Italy (who is Italian) in the next few weeks - January 2021 - and then we will file our I-130 petition to start the CR-1/IR-1 spouse visa process immediately afterwards. We are hoping that we will have a filing date of early February 2021 and hoping the process would go as fast as possible. I wanted to start a topic here to gather other experiences from others who have filed petitions for Italy-based spouses to try to understand if there are any country-specific timelines or complications that we might want to know about. I will update this topic once we have started our journey and I look forward to hearing from some of you. If, by chance someone know that there is already a topic of a similar nature, that I have overlooked, then please let me know and I will move this conversation there. Thanks, everyone! And good luck to you all on a speedy reunification with your significant others!
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