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  1. We filed end of June and we notified USCIS end of Aug thru our attorney before we left the country.
  2. Hi there. I’ve tried to get answers to this via the forum and elsewhere to no avail. We had to switch our application to consular filing in Bogota two months after originally filing in the US. We had to care for my wife’s dying (now deceased) father. We are five months into the process and used a US lawyer. I am trying to find benchmarks for dates as we are renting out our house etc and trying not to have to sit by the phone waiting for our interview. What exact things will we be notified of? Will we get notification once the case is approved and sent down here and how much notice will we get before our interview date? Weeks? Months? Days? Will we receive ANY other notifications? Thanks!
  3. Our lawyer sent letters to the USCIS. She said it is okay if our application hasn’t been accepted yet.
  4. Hi there, My wife’s parents were very ill so we switched our green card process from in the US to the consular process in Colombia. Our US lawyer insists we don’t need to change our address but online it says we must. How will the consulate notify us of an interview? She received her EAD two months ago and our lawyer says we will get no notification of our letter telling them we are switching. Only an interview notification. But how will they notify us? thanks!
  5. FYI. We received our EAD in six weeks but when it came there was no AP. Our attorney advised us we could change to consular processing. Good move as both parents are sick and we need to be here in Colombia for an extended period to care for them. We notified USCIS of our desire to change to consular processing. She said they don’t say anything til the interview. So now we are about 2.5 months into the process and will be doing it from here in Colombia. The wait times confuse me. Any idea what we might be looking at time-wise assuming we did everything correctly?
  6. We have heard stories of AP happening quickly if the work permit is slow. We also heard from our attorney we can ask for an emergency AP to visit for a month but that would delay the full AP until we actually go the green card. What a messed up process we have. Draconian.
  7. Hi there, This seems like an obscure question. We were married in May of 2023 and my wife has been on a student visa several times here in the US. We filed for a change of status in June and she already has done her biometrics. Sadly, her father was just diagnosed with cancer in Colombia. It might be short and it might be long but it’s terminal. With the wait times here seemingly endless (we have an attorney), is it even possible to get permission to leave and re-apply or shift her app to her home country of Colombia while caring for him? Are there any options others than starting over? thanks!
  8. I can’t seem to find info on the AP. Can you send me a link to explain how that works? Once she gets AP and leaves, how long can she leave for and must she then wait outside the US until green card is approved? Thanks!
  9. They did. In March. But she applied over a year ago. I’m not sure it was all fraud. Just lots of applicants.
  10. Hey there, THanks for all the help on previous posts. We are planning on getting married here in the US and we have two options as my gal is a student here. One option is file here for green card and stay. The other option is file for green card in Colombia, she leaves when school is over in the summer and stay outside the country during the process. She also has a tourist visa interview in August that would allow her to visit while we wait. The question is would you file here and wait knowing it would be awhile for here to be able to leave or would you file outside of the US in her home country and after we file she has the interview for a tourist visa. Knowing that she could have stayed here and filed here, but chose her home country and then a tourist visa so she could come once in awhile while we wait. What are the difference in wait times and would the embassy folks look weird at her knowing she has left the US twice now and has already applied for a green card outride the US? Which would you do? Hope my description is clear.
  11. Thank you again. I’m seeing the problem here and that is the assumption everyone wants to live and stay here. You guys keep saying immigration intent even though I’ve explicitly said that not it. She can more than handle herself and I’m sure the right decision will be made. It’s quite the process and eye opening. Thanks again.
  12. I am not mad at you at all. I get it. I’m saying if the Embassy denies a gal like that with her background for a tourist visa. I mean man. Not everyone in the world wants to live and work in the US. You’ve heard all the rants i am sure. it’s too bad there is no travel option once married. The problem is the backup. I am not surprised at anything anymore. Will roll with it.
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