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  1. Thank you, His K1 entry is correct. But we’ll work on getting the other entries corrected via the link No he’s never been to the US before we met/his passport was issued. All the mystery entries were during timeframes that he was very much in Italy and we FaceTimed every day while we were apart. I’m just paranoid that a system glitch will stall our progress. It feels like the stress is never ending. Thank you for the replies.
  2. We were on the I-94 website and looked on my husband’s (AOS from K1) history and there are entries that are not his and some from before he was even issued his passport. He checked with Italian authorities and they say in their system he is the only one with this passport number and it’s an error on the US side. The Italians said what matters are the stamps in the passport. Now that we’re at the AOS step do you think this is going to delay things? Should we request for correction now or wait until after AOS if we don’t get an RFE regarding it?
  3. They run it once and then return your packet (about 2 weeks for delivery). I heard stories about it so I called my bank every day for them to put a note in the system and to do a “by pass” so it wouldn’t send me a text requesting my response for if it was fraud or not.
  4. I received my NOA 1s today. I tried to submit a request via your link too. It looks like I created an account back in 2020 but can’t find anything about an access code in my records. 🤞🏻Hope it works
  5. We filed 4 November, it was received by the lockbox 7 November, and our CC was charged and we got a text with 3 IOE numbers on 10 November. My question is where do we go to check the status of our cases at this point. We get an error with all three codes when we put them into CEAC?
  6. He took Lufthansa: Rome>Frankfurt>St Louis. With internal US travel a mess (Chicago is iffy in the best conditions) the last few months he picked the direct flight to me to avoid being stuck at immigration and missing a connecting flight.
  7. He remembers being told at his interview to hand over both packets to immigration and he was so exhausted and frustrated for sitting there for two hours, he wasn’t worried about anything but getting out of that room. The CBP officers had only seen electronic packages so they just took everything and wouldn’t know that he should get his copies back. We’re going to call over to the airport to see if they happen to still have his copies and also try calling the medical center to see if we could get a copy as well. Thank you everyone for the responses.
  8. Yes! He said the interview was so easy going and he didn’t know why he was so stressed.
  9. My husband gave his sealed embassy packet and his medical packet to the CBP officer at POE. St Louis isn’t a major POE and several of the officers were confused with what to do with the packets as they’ve only dealt with electronic packages. Long story short what do we do since his medical forms were taken and we are filing for AOS?
  10. My fiancé just had his interview at Naples. Yes once you schedule your interview date your medical is scheduled automatically by the embassy for the day before. We didn’t use TravelDocs, made me panic for a moment thinking we missed something 😂
  11. Thank you for your response! We’re nervously waiting for the end of the month.
  12. Are embassy’s still doing automatic extensions (we’re at Naples)? Or do we need to start from the beginning? It’s a long story but we were approved April 2021, case received by the embassy in June 2021 and had an interview scheduled for Sept 2021. Italy was in a red zone and we weren’t able to get a certain document on time and he missed his appointment. After that drama we took the time to focus on our relationship because everything felt like a rush for paperwork so we put everything on pause. Fast forward to June 2022 and we are 100% ready. We went onto CEAC and it still shows our case ready with the last time the case was updated being Sept 2021. It was initially locked to where he couldn’t select a new date for an interview so he sent an email via the scheduling site and got a response back saying the officer unlocked it and he could pick another date. He has his appointment at the end of July now. In all the excitement about the case still being at the embassy I didn’t think about the expiration date of the case. Now that COVID’s impact has lessened are embassies still automatically extending the expiration dates or are we getting false hope and he’s going to get to the appointment and be told it’s not valid?
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