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  1. On the dropdown list, they only show the employment sectors, eg communications, computer science, engineering, etc. Would like to clarify more about my job - I'm given a 3 months contract and this gets renewed every 3 months. I've been doing it since Oct 2020. Then there's an option to choose "others" - but I'm guessing that is for occupation, rather than type of job? or is "self-employed" categorised under "other"? However, if I choose "communications" (I work in that industry), there is a box at the bottom to explain more about my job. I attached a screenshot of the page.
  2. Hello hello all!! So I'm filling out the DS 160 and I'm currently I guess "self-employed" - doing freelance BUT, I've been on a contract since I got laid off (a way of companies to hire without giving you a full-time position), and I am doing contract based freelance work for 2 companies. So I reach the employment page on DS 160 and not sure if this should be listed as "other"? Or I can still pick eg "Communications" as my field and then make a note that I work on contract based jobs atm...
  3. I didn't use a lawyer, did it by ourselves. If you are clearly organised, you can do it by yourself.
  4. Yep I just applied from ACRO. Chose expedited delivery. £48! Urgh!
  5. Hi all! So I'm gathering my documents to submit to the embassy and I'm confused with the DS 160 they have mentioned. I had read the guide on here and online and I'm still a little confused.. So I've Googled and I'm thinking was something missed out from my fiance's (US) part? We don't have an Invoice ID number or was he suppose to pay for something else prior to me received the emails? What we only have is a Case number and USCIS receipt number. --------- Another thing is, the embassy seems to ask for evidence - whereas I submitted a huge bulk load in the original i-129f petition, would I include this again and further evidence since then? Thanks so much!
  6. @Mike E Thanks for sharing your experience. But I find that strange. Mine does mention "lived more than 6 months" as well. I did live in the UK for 6 years technically during studies and when I was on a working visa. and I did write to my embassy that it may take a couple of weeks to receive that, and they said it was ok and I could send it to them later. I'll only have two - one of my origin country and one from the UK anywhow.
  7. argh that's annoying. Before I read that it was just for the country you were living in. Ah well. Will try and get it.
  8. Hi all, I've noticed in the list of documents to bring is " Photocopy of police certificate of good conduct for all countries the beneficiary has resided in for more than 6 months since the age of 16. I stayed in the UK for 6 years at one point when I was studying there. Does this mean I would need a police cert from the UK too?
  9. Hi guys, So our NOA2 was approved on 6th of April, and I was surprised to just discover that our petition had already left NVC and on the way to my country on 30th April. I was actually expecting about 3 months at the NVC. The thing is, I also saw the list of documents I had to submit via email first. Right now I'm wondering if there's a deadline. The fact that my country is experiencing many lockdowns, I did not renew my passport just yet and now rushing to do so, so I can apply for the police certificate :( I need to check but last I heard there was a waiting queue to renew the passport and my country has made it difficult to do just about anything right now.
  10. My mum is terrified of the Covid test swab up the nose and said she'd rather stay home than travel out. I don't think I'd risk her for when my time comes, and it's probably safer for her. My fiance and I are just planning a huge wedding where I am when this whole Covid thing dies down.
  11. A friend of mine visited her boyfriend in Germany, but she had to apply with proof that she was in a relationship with him for at least 3 months before the country let her out to fly. You can visit Germany, but you have to check the other person's country's rules.
  12. When I submitted my K1, we only just wrote that we had planned to register our marriage and have a small gathering, but, due to Covid, we were not sure when we could invite such a huge crowd to attend a big party (and of course I do not want to break the rules). Our plan was to register and get married at the registrar, then have a little gathering for his close friends and family first somewhere. My fiance and I both wanted those huge weddings, but as you know the current situation, our families can't fly to either countries at the moment. He also wanted to celebrate the main wedding in Malaysia where I am, because he wanted a very traditional Chinese wedding. We'd have to just wait for that when the Covid thing dies down in the future. But for now, and safely, we would just do just that, and then wait. I don't think it's weird at all, it's just what we have to deal in the current situation. Having said that, I'm not sure if my family, especially my mum would be allowed to travel. I of course would be saddened by that, but when the time comes, we will have the biggest celebration ever.
  13. Hi guys I was wondering if I could ask for some help. I don't have a tourist visa to the US because I have a K1 in process and was told I was not suppose to apply for a tourist visa. In this pandemic, there is a possibility that I can travel out of the country for compassionate reasons, but I don't know if I'm allowed to apply for a tourist visa to do that. I haven't seen my fiance since Dec 2019 and it's affecting me a lot and I feel I might have a chance if I'm allowed to apply for a tourist visa.
  14. Hi there, I'm also, like you and many others, waiting for NOA2. I guess you could start preparing...why not? I decided I might just start collecting things so that I don't rush later / get the majority of it collected.
  15. Apologies! It was not an extreme word Thanks everyone! I know it's just hard. I know some couples can visit each other but in Asia, it's difficult. A lot of us are pretty much stranded with no hope. I haven't seen my partner since Dec 2019, and it'll be a year+ before I can see him again because of the lockdowns. I feel sad sometimes
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