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  1. Hellooo guys! Have been through archive threads, but just wanted to check that in 2020, does USCIS want original or are scanned signatures ok? (as for the moment remembering from the top of my head, for the beneficiary it's only letter of intent?) If it's better to provide real signatures, I will have things expedited mailed. oops - edit may as well add: For photo proofs, must we have them printed out like normal photos, or would it be ok to show them printed on paper (eg 3-4 photos on one paper) and labelled there instead? (I think I've kinda seen people do both. On the guides here it says print them out. But just wanted to check). thank you again!
  2. Thank you so much. I knew we needed to put it in. He's gonna get a telling off from me tonight for this and his DUI, LOL!
  3. (Sorry just to make it clear, I'm helping organise our K1 files because I'm better at organising LOL) So was just speaking in terms of the petitioner who has a DUI.
  4. Sorry I think I was reading the wrong part - it was 4a + 4b of part 3. It says traffic incident - is "driving under the influence of alcohol" under that? I think it was a DUI about more than 10 years ago, just once, no one in the car, just him. Just had to pay a fine / was more than US$500. Do I need to put this in? Fiance said he doesn't have the documents anymore because it was so long ago
  5. HI guys, so I've been looking at this question for a couple of weeks now and trying to figure it out. So...the other half was caught driving under the influence of alcohol 🙄 I think (young boys problems lol) years ago, maybe 10 years ago, and it was definitely more that $500. Was NOT jailed though, just fined in court. We were not sure if it qualified under here because on the instructions, it said: "At least three convictions for crimes relating to a controlled substance or alcohol not arising from a single act." But it happened just once. And not sure if I have to put things in but he says he doesn't have his papers anymore because it WAS so long ago that it would've been cleared? I'm not sure.
  6. So...not to be judged but we don't have each other on social media (he has a unlucky situation before). We're both not really into social media anyway, and we're always on FaceTime and Whatsapp every day. But as a female for myself on social media, I do post about him on mine and I have friends commenting etc.
  7. Nah, we thought if we could show more evidence (just incase) that would be cool (instead of just one time).
  8. Hi guys so... 2 days ago, I had the unfortunate circumstance that I was laid off my job due to Covid. But I am still working till the mid of September. On the K1, it asks to list the two latest jobs, would it still be ok to put that as I am sending it before September?
  9. Thanks guys, yeah you're right I am stressing out more than I should be than focusing on this. Need to slap myself out of Covid worries and get on it! @payxibka - understood about quality over quantity....but def wish there was a chance to show a second meeting!
  10. Hi guys, Actually a long time lurker of this forum (did not join but read a lot of information) etc, but sometimes still unsure of certain things. I know every couple has their own timeline and own story, so I hope no one judges me differently. I met my now fiance last year in September. We are "at that age" (mid 30's) where we were both looking to settle down with a future spouse, and...ta-dah, we were both sent to each other. I know it sounds cheesy but I'm sure some of you understand that when you've met the right person, you've met the right person and you know, and so he proposed in March "online" coz we were just apart (and the bloody virus!). We've met for about a week in December 2019, and we do literally do Facetime calls which each other every day with no fail till today. We wanted to meet again in May this year, but the Covid situation proved unfortunate timing. Thing is, we want to apply for K1 too and found a missed opportunity to show more evidence now from a cancelled trip, and not sure when we can meet again since once of us is from the US, and one of us is from Malaysia. So my questions are: 1. Is there too little evidence? We travelled to Thailand too in December together. We can get Facetime screenshots of us talking to each other's families. 2. How do we explain the Covid situation that we weren't able to meet as planned in May? 3. If our K1 is approved (it'll be next year I suppose), worse situation if Covid is still around, how does one travel then to the US to get married? Will it be postponed? I mean, we obviously want to be together to start our own life and future and a family already. If chance came by, both of us will immediately travel to see each other when the borders open. The Covid situation just made everything unfortunate for us and I panic and get a little depressed everyday :( and I know it's a very hard time for everybody too. Thank you, and I appreciate any help.
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