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  1. Hi all, of you are waiting for visa processing in EU we have some advice (although not a lawyer, this is just what worked for us). After > two years waiting we fired a new law firm that advised us to ask our case processing to be transferred to Poland where clients had success in resolution to delayed visa process. Almost immediately after switching our case from Georgia to Poland (we received new case number) the embassy in Warsaw requested our case and we were able to sign up for an appointment yesterday. It did cost more money to have to travel to Poland twice for medical exam and interview but ultimately it was successful. Again, this is just what worked for us but if you are still waiting in EU for processing, transferring your case to Poland could be a good option.
  2. I’m so sorry to hear this. Have you tried applying for an expedited appointment? For medical emergencies you can petition for expedited processing and as you describe it certainly sounds like you guys can qualify or have a strong case.
  3. You’re not alone unfortunately still waiting at NVC for over a year, two years since we first applied. Hired two different lawyers, no help. Petitioned for emergency appointment due to severe emotional stress, denied. Petitioned to move case to another country’s embassy and they said they had no capacity. We don’t know what to do from here, am going to have to quit my job and move out of the US just to start my family.
  4. Still waiting as well. We filed Dec 2019, approval in June 2020. Georgian embassy has been open processing K1’s since February 17, we talked to other Georgian couples who filed after us who have already been processed with visa issued, not sure what the delay is in our case. We asked our local congressman and senator to help and their aides couldn’t get any information… there’s such a huge backlog of cases to process and embassies are not fully staffed.
  5. Hi all, finger’s crossed we all start getting some good news soon! Does anybody have the latest shipping dates from the NVC to embassies for 2021? Thanks so much
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