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  1. This requirement goes into effect on November 8, NOT November 1 as stated by the OP.
  2. Received a response to my inquiry from the Embassy. Here is what they wrote: So for anyone else who doesn't have the GSS registration page printout, the appointment confirmation will work instead!
  3. With our K1 interview next Monday I was making sure we have all the required documents and we seem to be missing the GSS Confirmation Page print out. I must have overlooked it while I was rushing to see if there were any available interview appointments after our visa fee payment was confirmed. From my understanding the only time you can actually print the GSS confirmation page is after your payment gets confirmed and you first register a document delivery address on the ustraveldocs website. I didn't realize this at the time and now I am scrambling to find/make it. However, the only document that I am able to print on ustraveldocs is the appointment confirmation (mind you it does include all of the same information as the GSS page such as UID barcode, MRV fee receipt #, document mailing address, etc.). My questions are: Is there some way to retrieve the GSS confirmation page that I am missing? Or has anyone else used the appointment confirmation page in place of the GSS one with success?
  4. We waited for months to get an interview date after our case went to Ready. Things are moving along albeit very slowly at the Embassy. Going there to make a scene in person is indeed the Ugly American thing to do and I seriously doubt it will yield results. It's also very much frowned upon to make a fuss in public in Thailand as well. My advice is to have your fiance in Thailand pay the K1 visa fee at a local Krungsri bank if she hasn't already. The best way for you to stay involved is to check the UStraveldocs website a few times a day (four is the maximum per 24 hours) to see if any interview appointments open up. That is what I did for 2 months and it finally paid off.
  5. Managed to snag an interview slot for Sept 20. There was still one more left on that day and some more available on Sept 27. Looks like the embassy is doing K1s only on Mondays due to the latest Covid wave.
  6. Interviews are going ahead however these were all scheduled a few months ago. At least for K1s, interview appointments thru August have been fully booked since mid-June. My fiance and I have been waiting over a month for them to open up more appointments so we can schedule our interview.
  7. Did you receive an email from the embassy stating that they are ready to schedule an interview appointment? If so, then you can pay the $265 visa fee by following the instructions posted on the UStraveldocs website. But even if you do pay the fee now, the embassy has temporarily closed interview appointment scheduling. It's probably a good idea to pay the visa fee now so you are ready to take any available appointment slots as they open.
  8. Our case finally went to Ready this week. I'm not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but I did call NVC again at the beginning of the week and spoke to a Supervisor. Received an email from NVC later that day confirming our case was sent to the embassy back in March. Lo and behold the next day we got an email from the embassy notifying us that they were ready to proceed processing our case! Unfortunately there are no interview appointment slots available at the moment... Still it was a huge relief to know our case wasn't lost. If you're in the same position as we were, don't lose hope.
  9. Our case has been In Transit for over 3 months and we have been getting the No Data result on the CEAC tracker for well over a month. I sent an email to the embassy again this week and got the same semi-automatic reply that others have mentioned (they claim they haven't received our case yet). I then called NVC to see if I could get some information about where our case actually is. The woman on the line did some digging and from what she could see, our case might not have been sent to the embassy. She explained that cases are sent from NVC to the embassy both electronically and physically by courier. It's possible, she said, that the case was flagged as In Transit but someone forgot to click the electronic send button. She couldn't see enough information on her end to see what really happened, so she referred our case to a supervisor. That person is supposed to send an email to me once they have completed their investigation. Pretty worrying if the NVC is really this incompetent Anyway I thought I'd share this since others might be in the same boat as us. It may be a good idea to call up the NVC hotline to do some digging.
  10. On the NVC tracker our case number now returns: "Your search did not return any data". I assume this is what a few others are/were experiencing?
  11. It's been nearly 2 months of In Transit for us and still waiting. Hoping to see movement soon...
  12. Apparently they are doing interviews this week, despite Covid. Four cases got approved today in one of the Thai FB groups. By now all the U.S. Embassy staff should be vaccinated so it's sensible for them to interview as long as Covid doesn't get totally out of control.
  13. So they are still looking for your case but you managed to get an interview appointment?
  14. Dr. Bob

    Need Advice

    Did you complete the DS-160 and pay the fees before the embassy even contacted you with Packet 3 instructions?
  15. Did anyone have luck using the DHL tracking hack that is on this NOA2 tips doc? Tried on DHL's website and by talking to a customer service representative on the phone and they couldn't find the embassy in Bangkok in their system. I'm wondering if maybe NVC uses a different logistics provider to Thailand.
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