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  1. what was your reason for expedite? I tried a couple of times on medical grounds and worked with senator from the state as well and got rejected.
  2. I also heard due to the lack of staff and huge backlog they are tackling right now. The expedite is not being actually sent to the concerned Consulate also atleast for India(Mumbai) and they just straight away sent a denied email. Because I tried expedite 3 times with Medical reason. The first time I submitted in Oct they took around 40 days to review the request. And the last 2 times I sent I got a response in a days time that it is denied.
  3. I just got my dad's DQ today as well for submission of Sep 29th.
  4. How many people are still remaining from this thread for DQ with September submission? I am still awaiting for my Dad Sep 29th Submission of documents, while for same date submission my mom already got DQ on Dec 20th.
  5. Current case review time: As of 27-DEC-2021, we are reviewing documents submitted to us on 24-SEP-2021. We are almost at the end of September guys. So most of us who are yet to be reviewed should be done this week. 🤞
  6. Sorry to hear for the mental health reason. But Congratulations you got the expedite so it will be process faster!!
  7. Great. Congratulations!! Hopefully they pick up the Sep end now. My dad's is Sep 29.
  8. Does applying for expedite multiple times and getting rejected have any impact on the case processing or can we just try our luck multiple times?
  9. I was just here for the opinion on whether to move forward with other steps of IR-5 expedite or B2 visa. So thank you all for your valuable feedback. I have got my answers which I wanted to get from this post.
  10. I am talking about the petition for my parents IR5. I and my wife are USC and sponsoring my parents to US. Sorry for your confusions. Ok Thanks. I appreciate your inputs.
  11. Thanks all for the input and appreciate your valuable feedback on this matter. I was just looking for the right opinion before making any further decisions based on the experience people have had here. So I appreciate each and every response. I will try my best for an expedite, if not then I will just wait for my turn to get an appointment when the interview is scheduled for IR5. Thanks.
  12. I do have a letter from my wife's OB/GYN on specific needs we have and we are presenting our case based on that need only. I am just not trying on the grounds of normal pregnancy. So I appreciate your input and feedback but I am submitting a stronger case from my end.
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