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    We met around 4 years ago and were looking to file for a K-1 visa after COVID struck. We have visited each other 5+ times in each country and decided to marry on our last visit in the hopes of securing permanent residence in the US.

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  1. We provided three previous tax returns (which were fairly low and all below the threshold) and we also provided an offer of employement and a pay stub (job started during the NVC stage so we didn’t have more evidence of the earnings being in our possession if that makes sense). I’m just wondering if we need to get a joint sponsor or by the time the interview come, we have a lot more pay stubs to show the earnings. So you could say, we never proved the current income, we just showed the job offer letter and one months pay stub
  2. My NVC documents have finally qualified after a few weeks of waiting! I received a notice saying This case does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants. To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted. For more information visit https://nvc.state.gov/aos. The consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of the interview. For more information, please visit https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p. I have a few questions about this.. 1, The income of the sponsor submitted was above the threshold but the recent tax returns were significantly less, do you think this was the issue? 2, The sponsor has a new job now, do we need to complete new forms and take this with the applicant to the interview? 3, As it recommends a joint sponsor, should we get one and first present the new job/income to the interviewer before adding a joint sponsor and mention we have it just in case we need it? What would you do in this situation?
  3. Thank you for the detailed answer. We have a letter of employment from the employer which states pay rate per hour and full time job. Signed and dated. We will add this and also collect all pay stubs for the time of the interview! Fingers crossed :)
  4. Hi all Recently we ran into a problem with income and we wanted to ask what you would do in our situation. The USC earns enough to sponsor the visa but only started the job last week and doesn’t have any current payslips. They have also had 3 jobs in the previous 12 month period due to covid. The last three years (including 2020) they didn’t earn near enough the poverty threshold, which is fine. But we want to know if you would get a joint sponsor just in case. as mentioned, the USC would be set to earn enough with their current job but they only started last week. And finally, if we chose the joint sponsor route, will they receive phone calls about the whole application etc. We know technically any USC can be a sponsor and we were thinking of asking a family friend who probably doesn’t know all the details surrounding the relationship. Such as the exact day we met, or the exact location/date we were engaged etc., it’s perfectly fine and we can tell them but we don’t want them to receive calls and be grilled about all the information because what if we don’t tell them everything down to the last detail and it harms us if they are contacted.
  5. I know that, I just hate the sound of me saying “I work remotely” to them if they ask because if I was on the other side I’d automatically assume they’d work here too. Even though that’s not the intention I made it to the US now I know this post was months ago and just wanted to let you know. I was taken to secondary but it was just because I travelled from a banned country
  6. I am using preview on Mac to edit it. In regards to the income thing thing again, it says MY HOUSEHOLD not MY PERSONAL. If my spouse is treated as a resident alien for tax purposes, does this mean it applies to this section for questions about HOUSEHOLD income
  7. Hi. Hopefully this is the last time I need to make a thread about this. I have a few questions about the i864 form and reading the instructions is not helping. For the background, we filed a joint tax return for 2020 so we do not know how this affects the answers. I864 - PART 6 - Line 20 - My current HOUSEHOLD income is... So, for the tax return we included both of our income for the 2020 tax year. Does this mean we need to combine income again for the current houshold income or do we continue to put the income of the people living in the household and NOT INCLUDE the spouse's (applicants) income? I864 - PART 6 - Line 24a - My total income (adjusted gross income on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 1040EZ) as reported on my Federal income tax returns for the most recent three years was: Pretty much the same question as above, do we include the total gross income of both the USC and the NRA (Spouse/Applicant) for this section? And finally, a question about a section a little earlier. For the sponsors household size, I have attached an image to show what we think is the right answers. The USC CURRENTLY lives alone and they are the sponsor to the spouse and nobody else. No kids or other household members. Does the screenshot look correct for our circumstances? I know it says add 1-7 together but it has autofilled in the PDF when entering. Does it stay as 1 or do we have to change it to 2? Thanks
  8. May I just add. If we submit our documents with the I864 and our tax return, (as that is currently all the NVC are allowing us to upload to the CEAC page) Will our application be processed through the NVC and then we are required to bring any additional documentation to the interview stage? we see the option to add the joint sponsor on the NVC but are currently away from the US and are both in the U.K. Will it hurt us to take the joint sponsor application to the interview and submit our NVC documentation without it with hopes that we get processed quicker
  9. Thank you for clarifying! So whatever the household, you always have to account for one more for the immigrant in question? Does this still apply if they are a joint sponsor and not the petitioner? We are thinking of getting the petitioner’s parent to be a joint sponsor
  10. Thank you. Are pay stubs enough evidence or would we need to also include proof of funds accepted into a bank account?
  11. Thank you. Just to confirm if the latest tax return shows less than the threshold, but the current earnings is over. Can we include the tax return as well as recent pay stubs to show the current earnings are above the threshold. If so, how many pay stubs would suffice?
  12. The petitioner is a USC and currently lives alone. That’s why I am confused why the household requirement would say 2. I know it would be 2 when the applicant arrived but does that mean we would include the applicants current income as part of the threshold? Or would that only be the case if they earned income in the US.
  13. Hi all. We are coming to the stage to submit the affidavit of support for a UK beneficiary under a I130 stand-alone visa. We are looking into the federal poverty guidelines and just needed a bit more clarity on the situation. Where it says people/family in household.... for the applicant being a single person living by themselves, does it mean they must earn $21,775 BEFORE tax do be eligible to sponsor the beneficiary under the I130 application as the petitioner in our case lives alone. (Even though on the usvis.gov website it mentions 2 people in the household and does not mention 1) For a joint sponsor with 1 adult, 2 children in their household, they must earn money $27,450 BEFORE tax to be eligible to be a joint sponsor. It cannot be combined with the earnings of the petitioner in another household? Would you completely leave out the tax return and only attach recent payslips (if so, over how many months would you attach these payslips) Getting into a bit more details now. If the latest 2020 tax return showed they earned less but in fact this calendar year they would sufficiently earn enough, what would we attach to prove this? If we have a joint sponsor, do we still have to submit an affidavit of support from the petitioner if they earn below the threshold? And does the joint sponsor also need to attach a tax return and/or recent payslips, if so, how many payslips would suffice. All information is taken from this website https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p but we have also noticed the information from the HHS website is a lot different https://aspe.hhs.gov/2021-poverty-guidelines
  14. Hi all. We are expecting our application to be received by the NVC this week and we just wanted to know what documents are needed for this process. The beneficiary is from the UK and we are expecting to be in the US in the next few weeks and we wanted to know what documents we should bring with us in preparation for the NVC stage. Does anyone have a full list of documents required for this stage and when they are due. We want to know if we should apply for the police document now as we will be away when it is received to the home address.
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