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  1. My wife became a US citizen on Friday along with about 100 others at Indianapolis. The journey that began almost 7 years ago has finally come to an end! So grateful to everyone on this forum who helped with advice over the years! She was able to apply for her US passport and register to vote....and I even got a nice photo of her together with the judge who presided over the swearing in! Eternally Grateful! Steve & Anna
  2. My wife's oath ceremony has been scheduled (yay!) for 10/30 at the Indiana War Memorial....a very somber and fitting venue for this! Hope they'll let me take video!
  3. My wife went to her interview this morning. It went okay, however the IO's native language was not English and my wife had a terrible time understanding anything the officer was saying to her, and at one point even threatened to stop the interview and reschedule with a different IO. Somehow she got through it and was given a piece of paper that had "recommended for approval"box checked, so I'm assuming we're waiting for the oath ceremony date (IO wasn't very clear about that either)! Thank God we're almost done with USCIS!!!
  4. I just checked the USCIS account and it says my wife's interview is now scheduled. Looks like the letter was mailed 7/23 but hasn't arrived yet. My wife's interview will be on September 11th in Indianapolis.
  5. We just submitted my wife's N-400 online today. Looks like the wait time for the Indianapolis Field Office is 5.5 - 11 months.
  6. 10 year green card received yesterday! Now on to the final step...N400!!! Good luck to all the I-751 filers!!!
  7. Congrats! We just got the "New Card Being Produced" message this morning! We filed on 1/18/18. We plan on filing the N400 as soon as we receive my wife's green card in the mail.
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