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  1. 18 month extension letter received today dated 8/18/2018. (CSC filer)
  2. Make sure you're using the new website: https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov/
  3. We got the same letter today and it makes absolutely no sense because my wife's appointment was at the local ASC/Field office which IS the closest one to our address! I guess we'll just ignore the letter because she already went to the appointment.
  4. My wife had her biometric appointment this morning and with around a dozen or so others there for the same, it took about 15 minutes. When she finished they stamped her appointment letter and gave it back to her. The staff there were actually friendly and talkative this time!
  5. Not sure exactly why some posters are being waived and others aren't for the biometric appointment, but in my wife's case the biometric fingerprint scan she had for her AOS wouldn't scan her fingerprints properly (maybe the machine wasn't working properly), so they told her to just get a statement from our local city police department that stated that she had no arrests or criminal history and AOS was approved a week later so I guess it makes sense they would request biometrics again so, not worried about this in the least. I'm thinking that at some point after biometrics are taken this time, we can go ahead and submit the N-400 concurrent with our pending I-751.
  6. Biometric appointment letter received today for appointment on 5/24/2018!!! Woo Hoo....thank you CSC!!! Please update our status!!!
  7. Here's what is shows for our I-751 on the new website.
  8. We Created an account on the new website and now it shows all the information about both the biometric fee and the I-751 status including the dates they were received. I like it better than the old website/system. Haven't tried entering old receipt #s, but I suspect they are all still accessible as well on the new site.
  9. So, what happens when the 1 year extension expires? Do we get another 1 year extension? I guess it makes sense to go ahead and submit the N-400 next January since it looks like our cases won't be approved before then.
  10. Ours was delivered on the 18th and NOA dated the 18th but the check was cashed later on Monday the 22nd!
  11. Yes, I think you're correct. They're extending the GC expiration (date) by 1 year.
  12. Check cashed on 1-22-18 and I-797 NOA arrived 1-23-18. Actually pleasantly surprised to get the NOA so quickly!
  13. No, it hasn't posted to our checking account yet....but our bank usually waits until the next day before it posts, so hopefully I'll see something tomorrow morning. LOL they cash our checks with lightning speed but adjudicate our petitions ever so slowly!!
  14. Yes, mailed to CSC. We sent it USPS overnight express on the 16th and it arrived on the 17th.
  15. We didn't send any affidavits. In the letter we got, it doesn't even mention affidavits in the list of suggested evidence we should include, but lists mainly financial related evidence that shows co-mingling of assets and obligations. Affidavits are mentioned in the online instructions though, however I would think that it's among the weakest evidence one could show because anybody can write one saying anything about anybody. We sent photographs, but I don't think they really carry much weight either. Filed I-751 on 01/17/18