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  1. Hi do you mind sharing your experience of expediting your case? How did you do and on what grounds?
  2. Hi thanks for the information. Let me explain my situation. I filled concurrently and pd is 27 April. I did my biometric 10 August. I have a job offer in hand starting from October 05. However I am in a different state and my job location is in another state. If I want to expedite the EAD how should I approach? Any suggestions? Thank you for the help.
  3. Hi I am wondering on what grounds/ reasons you can expedite the EAD/AP? Can you please tell if you have no problems sharing the reasons?
  4. Got my biometric notice yesterday. 10 August Sioux Falls, SD. Priority date 27 April. Received a RFE back in July 25 and working on that one. Deadline to submit RFE is September 24. Reason for RFE was petitioner income
  5. Good to know that. Keep us posted with any new updates and we will do the same !!
  6. Concurrent filling family based Package sent by lawyer around 20 April 2020 PD- 27 April 2020 Checks Cashed- 4 May 2020 NOA for 130, 485, 765, 131- 8 May 2020 keep patience April 2020 AOS folks your turn will come !!
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