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  1. Hi everyone, I need some help. We had our interview on October 8 for K-1 visa at the consulate in Rio, we were instructed to submit a police background check from Italy since Adriana (applicant) had lived in Italy within the last five years. We got the police background check and began submitting it in the beginning of November. We sent many emails with the document and also sent it by mail to Rio. After many emails and calls that never got a response they acknowledged receiving the document on Nov 29th. Today I received a email that says they need Italy Police certificate translated into English> They did not give any other direction on what is needed other than "Italy Police Certificate translated into English. Does anyone know what is required for the translation, where and how should I go about getting this done? Thank you in Advance!
  2. After receiving our Noa 2 in December and waiting we received a email from NVC that our case was sent to the embassy on Aug 3 and we received a email from the embassy with instructions on Aug 13. You need the email with instructions to schedule interview , do not attempt to do ds-160 before ( I saw another person completed it before on here and it caused problemas ) also the applicant not the not the petitioner needs to complete ds-160. The DS -160 is free, there is not a fee. After you have the instructions email and complete ds 160 you will be able to login to the embassy website with the link provided on the instructions from the embassy to schedule an interview, at this point you pay (around $275) , good luck!
  3. I need some help figuring out the i-134 situation, I am the petitioner for K-1 visa for my Brazilian fiancee. We received a email from the consulate on Aug 18 with instructions to complete ds 160, schedule interview, get background checks from local and federal back ground checks, schedule medical appt, etc I was able to schedule a interview on Oct 8 without realizing the i-134 may be an issue. I'm not sure if this email I have is a P 3 letter, or not. It does not have any instructions to complete i-134. How long is needed for the i-134 to process? Will I be required to go for an in person interview in my city (Denver). Will it be possible to complete this before Sep 21 ( Im going to Italy for a wedding and directly to Brazil on Oct 1 to be with my fiancee for the interview). Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. I need some help with Providing evidence of support. We received instructions from the embassy, completed the Ds-160 and scheduled an interview for October 8 at the consulate in Rio De Janeiro more than a week ago. I have not received any instructions on how to complete the providing evidence of support ( I am the sponsor). I need to complete a document , ( i 864), schedule an in person interview to do a bio metric interview, provide info on my income, etc? How do I do this? Thanks in advance!
  5. I think I'm in the same situation, need to update my timeline also, my case arrived at NVC sometime in January and stalled, I called and was told that the embassy was not processing normally, I would get an email when it changed. I got an email today with letter to beneficiary saying nvc will now forward the petition to the Embassy. I think your NVC received date was 1 month or so after noa2. Does anybody know is there a way to know what the date of Date package received by NVC was?
  6. @Greenbaumcould I please get a copy of the P3 for Brazil, thank you in advance!
  7. I just saw our case is approved in the case tracker app, we are really happy! Received Date: April 21, 2020 NOA1: April 24, 2020 NOA2: December 21, 2020
  8. Hi everybody, thanks in advance for the help. I'm unsure of what to expect next. I submitted the 129F petition as petitioner and got notice of receipt on a April 24 2020. I received a letter and email at the end of April, but have not heard anything else. My fiancee has not received anything in the mail yet in Brazil. I input our application info into the time line on this website and it says : Estimates/Stats : Based on timeline data, your I129f may be adjudicated between October 24, 2020 and October 30, 2020* (RFEs at the California Service Center typically add an extra 30 days, which has been added to the estimated processing time). I'm not sure what this means? I was also unsure about which consulate, on the application we chose Recife, but Recife is not listed in the drop down menu, so I chose Brasilia: Consulate : Brasilia, Brazil We don't know what to expect for approval date, or for interview date in Brasil, any input would be appreciated!
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