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  1. Absolutely.That,I understand.My question was geared toward the school/training to convert his license.Not the actual work itself.Thank You:)
  2. Thank you!He is going to call today.He has had a few companies that have connected about working for their companies.Hoping they can bring him on prior to conversion to assist with the ATP
  3. Great info.He has has had a really hard time connecting with anyone from FAA as they are still working remotely.But,he has made some great connections.Thanks for this info,we will look further into it.
  4. Help!My husband just got his EAD approved (Yay!).We are still waiting to hear about our Appointment for Greencard interview. He is a EASA licensed pilot(European pilot).He needs to convert his license to a FAA(US pilot).This would require two weeks worth of training to convert.Our question is …would this training be allowed under the EAD considering it would be to get a job as a pilot in the US or be considered school?We have come too far to take any chances.Thanks in advance
  5. Hello all! This May seems like a silly question.However,I would rather be safe than sorry and I have tried to investigate on the internet to no avail. My (now)husband came over on a K1 visa.We got married last week.We are going to be filing for a Work Authorization and his Permanent Residence. We live in Phoenix.When looking up the lockbox addresses,it appears that the I-485 and I-765 would go to two separate lock boxes. It also appears that you don’t have to pay the fee for the I-765 if you are concurrently applying for the I-485. So,with that said,if we are applying at the same time for both .Can we send in one packet to the Lockbox in Phoenix with both forms or do they have to be sent separately to the two lock boxes?
  6. Our K-1 petition has been at NVC since May 2020.Is there any way of knowing what month they are processing for London Embassy? o try to call and get answers and no one will ever give me anything other than the standard “wait until we reach out to you”. Is it too late to join the lawsuit?
  7. Hi!I wish I had that detailed of information.Most people that are within that timeframe of March-May 2020 or beyond that have gotten interviews are apart of the lawsuit.I can’t say for sure all of them.However,When I spoke with NVC last week,they let me know that Consulate is processing K-1’s again.However,they have not requested any petitions from the NVC due to the backlog they will first have to get through that have been at the Consulate to reschedule .Hope that helps a bit:)
  8. Big hugs to you and your partner.This is such a hard process without a pandemic,let alone with one.We are all in this together❤️
  9. Hi!I absolutely get your concern as it seems there are mixed messages.I spoke with a wonderful person at NVC who went into a little more detail with me.She explained that the Consulate will be taking the cases at NVC once they have gotten through rescheduling peoples interviews that had interviews that were canceled .Once they get through the backlog then they will request the “New”(March-May 2020) petitions.Hopefully,that eases a bit of worry:)
  10. I hope you don’t mind me asking... Were you apart of the lawsuit?Only asking based on the timeline .We got our NOA1 in Oct 2019.Keeping hoping to see people getting interviews that weren’t apart of the lawsuit to give me a better idea of what the backlog is looking like
  11. Thank you for this info!I know ,we have all been through so much this year.Who would have thought we would still all be in these positions?!I would love the link to look into:)
  12. We filed our I-129F in September 2019.Received our NOA2 in March 2020.I just saw someone ,who filed Feb 2020 and got their NOA2 in Oct 2020 who was a plaintiff in Milligan vs.Pompeo got the K-1 interview for June 29th.We are waiting on the US Embassy in London to resume services .Will those of us who did not participate in the lawsuit have to now wait longer until the plaintiffs all get their interviews? Is it too late to participate?
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