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  1. I called the general EI office yesterday and they gave me this no. 1-877-486-1650. They called me back the next day after I left a voicemail. And they walked me through the necessary steps. Btw, does anyone know if we are eligible to work as soon as we cross the border on CR1 visa? or do we have to wait till we get the SSN? (see question below from the form) I only crossed the border on March 14th and SSN office says wait at least 3 weeks after your Is the date the day I crossed the border or when I receive the SSN? Any advice from people who have already gone through this process would be super helpful as I don't want to wait around....
  2. I called the border before I crossed and they confirmed that it is only required for air travel. I crossed the border on March 14th. Also see the FAQs here. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html#:~:text=On January 12%2C 2021%2C CDC,airline before boarding the flight.
  3. I was in the same boat, but I crossed the border 3 days before our 2 year anniversary (March 17th) after spending some time with my family in Canada. I was pretty bummed that we didn't get to celebrate the 1st one, so I crossed to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. At least, we would be together when we remove the condition, and hopefully won't be much of a headache like this past year. Also, as you mention when I crossed the Peach Arch border, there were only 2 people behind me. And I was at the border for less than 1/2 hour. Good Luck!
  4. Hello I am in the same situation as your wife. I am a Canadian Permanent Resident and my husband an American. I had applied for citizenship and was supposed to write my test in April which got cancelled due to COVID. I recently got my UD green card approved in Feb. Did your wife end up having to give up her permanent residency of Canada? Especially when she filed taxes the following year. I read somewhere you have to file departure taxes... Was she able to complete her Canadian citizenship application? Since I am assuming the green card visa was probably in her passport of the country of origin. Any suggestion would be very much appreciated. Thank You!
  5. When did you get your passport back?

    1. 2Ps


      @Hawkriders apologies got busy with the move. Got my passport back on Feb 18th.

  6. Sorry, forgot to mention I got approved on Monday as @Hawk Riders mentioned. I did go in at 9:30 am and was out by 10:30 am. I was a petite girl with khaki shirt . On another note, while I was waiting, I did wonder how many people were waiting from visa journey . Also anyone have any reasonable suggestion for cross border shipment? So far, I have checked out U-Haul and U-pack and there's challenges with both as I am not in Vancouver and my stuff is still in storage in Vancouver and I am currently in Vancouver Island.... U-Haul is super expensive if I don't drive myself and I don't trust myself driving a U-haul haha...So trying to figure out the logistic....Just wish Canada didn't have the 14 days mandatory quarantine rule, so my hubby could just come and leave the same day.
  7. Approved. Thank you visajourney for your continued support for the past year. I don't know what I would have done without you guys. I can't believe that 15 mins of interview determined your fate and we had to wait 2 years to get to this point. I feel like I saved a lot of therapy bills by joining this group. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Can't wait to start planning our lives now. Just wanted to let people going for future interviews that they have lifted the lockdown since Monday, but they were very strict about only essential trips. I went to the mall to get some food and use their washroom and the security guard at the mall asked me what my purpose of the visit was...so just be careful. I tried to get back to my hotel by 6:30 pm and there were cops patrolling the streets toward the evening. I really loved the art around the city and I definitely want to come visit in future as this was supposed to be a trip that me and my hubby had planned for years, until this stupid virus affected all our lives... Also, our lawyer emailed us and congratulated after my interview and he told us to write him a review on every other platform and I really want to tell him, you need to learn from a lot of people from visajourney....I don't know if I will write that but he only helped us with the basic minimum (I guess coz it was fixed fee)...Was it not for visajourney, I would not have had the courage to travel to Seattle 2 times and spend 3 months with my husband during this pandemic. So thank you all for sharing your stories and really great advice. My lawyer told me not to go. Anyways you guys are the best and for those of you waiting, good luck. There's light at the end of the tunnel 🤞 .
  8. Hello is X-ray mandatory for medical? Currently, I might be about 2 months pregnant and I emailed Dr. Cheema's office replied this 'Please consult your family doctor in regards to your Chest x ray requirements during pregnancy as chest x rays are mandatory part of exam'. I don't have a family doctor and my first appointment with a doctor from a walk in clinic is Jan 22nd and I didn't want to delay with my medical and wait till Friday. I read somewhere in visajourney that it is recommended only after passing the first trimester. Could someone who has experienced this before please shed some light. Also it says ' Pregnant women receiving chest radiographs should be provided abdominal and pelvic protection with double-layer, wrap-around lead shields.' Is that safe? Since my interview is Feb 9th, I wanted to get medicals done asap, but now I am confused... any advice would be wonderful.
  9. IL Feb 8th, 9:30am. Thank you visa journey for being my support group for almost 2 years 🙏. You guys are amazing 😁.....
  10. Apologies if this has already been asked before, but does anyone know if all the immunizations are required before you go into your medicals/ interview if you are pregnant. We just recently found out that I am pregnant and I just took the flu shot today. I was advised not to take TDAP until 27 and 36 weeks. I just read that you are not supposed to take MMR while pregnant. I do remember that I had to show proof of getting MMR back in 2004 when I went to university in the US, but I can't find the record anymore. I already had chicken pox when I was a kid, so I guess Varicella can be waived. Dr. Cheema's website says that you need proof of vaccinations. I am planning to get Titer test for MMR and TDAP doesn't have Titer test apparently. Can anyone please shed some lights if the titer tests determines that I have to get MMR, then will I have to get it at a later date? Also what about the TDAP? Is there any exclusion for pregnant women? Any info would be so helpful. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hi Lovenature, Do we have to sign a new form or just the new employment letter will suffice? We asked our lawyer and he said just bring the document to the interview instead of uploading on CEAC, but wasn't very clear on his instruction if need to re-fill the entire form again. Sometimes I feel like paying everyone in visajourney instead of our lawyer. He always sends us one liner answers... Thanks in advance....
  12. I was in Seattle for a month in Aug and my lawyer advised not to as it takes forever. I am here again till the new years and hoping they will resume interviews next week.... so tempted to switch to AOS since they are slowing down again, but we are so close...At least I am glad I can be with my husband for a while till new years, but the thought of going back and not getting interview early new year freaks me out....
  13. @Lovepeace0303 @Cath&Claire @rafale1973 @Tofu and everyone whose case is stuck at NVC, can we all voice our concern on their recent facebook post? I already did that last night and seems like they do read our social media posts... I am planning to go to seattle again next week and come back early next year since my hopes has been crushed slightly this week. I thought this post was a light at the end of the tunnel, but not seeing any interview letters has been a bit disheartening . I love this group though for helping with my mental health lol.
  14. SO so relieved to hear this news today. Congrats to you and everyone who got the letter today. Now time to update our FAQ: 'Has Montreal started working with the NVC to schedule new interviews? YES. Since OCT 13 😁😁' .
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