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  1. Hello Reg&Des! 
    Thanks for the luck . And good luck back to you. Did you see the estimated time changed to a early date to receive NOA2. I hope I see a letter end of July. And what part of Jamaica your fiancé is in ? 

    1. Reg&des


      He’s in St. Catherine


    2. Ms. Clarke

      Ms. Clarke

      I hope he is doing well the covid was in that area with many infected. 

  2. I sent my I 129f on the 9th and it was received in the 13th. Just got my text notification that my case was received!! Very excited to start my journey 😀
  3. NVC usually ask for the original birth certificate. That’s usually on the list. Are you able to check again?
  4. As long as you submitted the documents they asked for you should be fine. But If you’re asking in reference to evidence of relationship your marriage certificate and his birth certificate should be sufficient.
  5. I’m assuming you used the Seattle address on the petition? They may have just started to work on your petition. Check the processing time in your area. Use this link : https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ it might shed some light for you. I hope this helps.
  6. The marriage certificate and pictures (if any) should be sufficient for your step sons. Once she is approved they will automatically be approved as well.
  7. I responded to a post with similar timeline. Their file was recently transferred to their local office and there hasn’t been a response. Things will happen slower than normal due to COVID-19 however The offices are still open to phone calls. I say call to see if you can get an update.
  8. I would send the conversations as well. It shows you guys are in communication with each other everyday. Take a couple of screenshots over a period of time and have them printed.
  9. Your marriage certificate should be sufficient evidence for your kids.
  10. It may have been transferred to you local off so that they can now work on your file. Are you a US citizen?
  11. Hi I just filed my I129f but had a question. My fiancé’s father’s wife had filed a I130 petition on his behalf a while back. Will this affect our case being approved? Maybe they will tell him to wait for the approval of that petition? Has anyone experienced this before? Any help is appreciated.
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