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  1. Yes I know that, my case is with the Lagos consulate I just decided to add Abuja too Cos I know some vj members awaits Abuja too, we cant leave anybody behind
  2. Okay thank you so much ,you gave me all the hope I needed again ,my interview was suppose to be In March but cancelled ,May God keep us strong throughout this type and my spirit is telling me to be ready Cos it will come anytime ,God bless you
  3. Please fellow Members from Nigeria, any update from the Lagos consulate and the embassy in Abuja, please share a little piece of info you have Cos am already frustrated from this whole wait.
  4. It’s not a fight okay, you act like you are the only one pissed
  5. Visas are still been issued using the visa waiver program, we all know about the ban ,visa issuance will be determined by the interviewer wether you qualify for a waiver thanks, do some research before conclusion because those that don’t know more about this will have their anxiety kicking in after reading your comment, do some research on special immigrants too
  6. Did you call the embassy,Cos I noticed anytime I call them, my case status says updated
  7. So will they automatically issue new dates ,Cos this date was scheduled by nvc or we should reschedule by ourselves
  8. I didn’t hear anything from them ,the worst part about them is that they didn’t even send emails regarding the cancellation,I wrote them an emails and their reply was funny
  9. This is so annoying ,We didn’t even receive an email ,this is the hardest time we have to go through
  10. Pls is there a new update on Lagos consulate Nigeria for cancelled interviews ,mine was supposed to be on the 26th of March , and Nigeria has eased their lockdown since May 4th
  11. Hi all ,please what effect will this have on applicants with canceled interview appointments amidst covid19
  12. I hope so o,you guys should stay updated
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