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  1. you need to combine the original and the translation in a single file. Firts the document followed by the translation
  2. I finally got to talk with NVC. The girl told me that once you get DQ you should not upload any documents, because they aren’t going to review them. she also told me that I should take to the interview those documents mentioned in the case documents review note.
  3. @Zoisdem When filling out form ds 260 they ask you for previous address. And you need to put every address where you live more than 6 months and you were 16 or older. I’m Venezuelan and I’ve been living in Mexico City over a year now and they asked for my PCC from Venezuela and from Mexico, (which I’m still waiting for the government agencies to reopen and go to get it).
  4. Thank you so much. We are missing one of my PCC and we made a note that I will bring it to the interview. And they accepted it. And got DQ. we called NVC asking for that review note about my husbands divorces final decrees and they said that better don’t submit it that it will be better to take it to the interview. Maybe we need to call them again. 😅
  5. Yes, I know. I quoted @Skaur0609 message because it seems that they have the same situation. Being DQ and with a Case Document Review Note.
  6. Yes, we received and email. And one message on CEAC. all Civil documents and AOS says accepted and in the main page says accepted too.
  7. Hi, when we got DQ on April 21 we also received a Case Document Review Note. 3 days later I was able to open it and they were asking for my husband’s divorces final decrees. We call NVC and the operator said that we better bring it to the interview because if we submitted we will lose our place in line for the interview. did you call them and asked them about what to do with your CDRN as you are DQ?
  8. We got DQ on April 21, and our case is at NVC. Very useful your post. Thank you. May I ask what was the reason that the embassy approved?
  9. We used adobe acrobat to try to compress it and always was higher than 2MB. if you compress It several time with and app you may lose the resolution of the documents. If you are in the US, you can take it to Fedex and they can scan it for you and make it the size that is needed and save it in your pen drive. It worked for us. Is not recommended to use online services. That’s very sensitive information that you are putting in that form. ps. This was our experience. If someone else have another idea. Help him.
  10. Hi, got DQ on April 21. Still waiting for the interview to be scheduled. The consulate general that applies to me is the one in Bogotá,COL. hopefully it will be soon. 🙏🏻🤞🏻
  11. The status of those documents is SUBMITTED. Once you press the SUBMIT button that’s it. You can not modify the documents that you uploaded.
  12. I think it is not required, I didn’t submitted it, and I got DQ. But I have it in my folder with all the original documents to take it to the interview just in case. it is my understanding that a judge blocked the health insurance for immigrants rule. And till the rule is in court they can’t apply it. Maybe some of the members know more about it.
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