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  1. I printed everything just to be safe but they didn’t ask for anything other than his passport and the original marriage license. He asked what other documents I had to submit, I showed him the binder and asked what he wanted 😂. He ended up taking copies of our 2020 taxes, my last 7 months of paystubs, proof of health/life/car insurance and our joint car loan. And he also took the new pictures I brought. Other than going through all of the questions from the I-130 and I-485 he asked how we met and that is it. He updated my husbands paperwork to reflect that he has a job, but didn’t ask for proof or his pay stubs. He said he was approving our case and that it will be updated later today. He went over the information about the conditional green card and had us sign a paper stating that we understood that we have to file to remove conditions after 1 year and 9 months.
  2. Interview was today at Detroit Field Office. The only question he asked was how my husband and I met and then went through all of the questions from the I-130 and I-485. He commented that our previous I-129F petition threw him off at first, but didn’t ask any further questions or clarification as to why we withdrew it and did concurrent filing instead. He said he was approving us and that we should receive his card in 7-10 days!
  3. Good luck to all of us Detroit filers with interviews tomorrow! I feel like I killed a small jungle in the Amazon with all of the evidence I printed 😅
  4. Our notice came today, we are also August 5th in the afternoon!
  5. Our interview is scheduled next month in Detroit. We submitted my husbands AOS packet on December 18th, 2020 which was the 90th day of his ESTA (we didn’t plan on it, it just took a long time to get documentation around). His PD is December 22nd 2020. At the time that we filled out the application, we marked “NO” on Part 8 #17 “Have you EVER violated the terms or conditions of your nonimmigrant status” because he was still within his 90 days. Do we need to answer “YES” instead when we go to the interview since he technically had 4 days of overstay? Also, now that my husband has his SSN I will be filing our 2020 taxes. Do I need an updated Affidavit of Support for the interview or just bring a copy of the 2020 taxes?
  6. I tried finding out through a live agent when when ours is, but they said they didn’t see it yet. I told them that I got the email it was scheduled and on USCIS case status it shows as scheduled but she was rude. I guess we will try again tomorrow.
  7. Update: 6/15/21 Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview 7/1/21 Interview was scheduled. We are in shock!
  8. Yes, our I-485 changed to “case is ready to be scheduled for an interview” right after the biometrics. My husbands combo card is getting delivered today! Good luck with getting yours!
  9. Here is an update on our case! Our timeline: PD December 22nd, 2020 Marriage based-concurrent filing sent to Chicago lockbox National Benefits Center Field office: Detroit ASC: Grand Rapids 4/22-contacted Senator Stabenow to inquire on case due to financial loss 4/28-heard back from Senator Stabenow’s office and sent proof of financial loss 5/18- received email from Senator Stabenow with USCIS response that biometrics were scheduled for 6/8 6/8- biometrics completed at Grand Rapids ASC 6/9-contacted Senator Stabenow’s office again to request expedite of EAD due to financial loss-senators office submitted request- USCIS approves expedite request 6/10-new card is being produced
  10. We are Grand Rapids, MI also and my husbands bio is the same day! PD December 22nd 2020. We will be reaching out to our senator again to help expedite right after due to financial loss.
  11. Our PD is 12/22/20 and we’ve had nothing except receipts so far. No bio appointments or anything. It’s so discouraging.
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