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  1. yes, USCIS approved my petitioning without a birth certificate - i had provided them w a copy of my US passport and naturalization certificate.
  2. Hello all, I am sponsoring my fiance to the US. our packet finally made it to the US embassy in HCMC. I am required to provide a birth certificate for her to take during her interview. However, i do not have a copy of my birth certificate and have no way of obtaining one since I was born in VN. What can she take in place of a birth certificate?
  3. There is no travel ban, however you need to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. This is what i was told, is this true?
  4. How far back on my statement will I need to go?
  5. Hello All, I finally received my NOA2 March 17th, I submitted it Jun 1, 2020. I'm going thru my packet for the I-134 and in it I need a statement from my bank - Do i just contact my bank for this? I've also attached my W2 and IRS Wage and Income for the past 3 years. Also what about the letter from employer? I just write up a letter stating when i stared, how much i'm making, and i'm in good standing and have my HR rep or manager sign it?
  6. I submitted mine for my Fiance in Vietnam as well - submitted June 8th and received NOA1 July 9th. Timeline is predicting she will receive NOA2 towards end of Feb 2021
  7. All applicant must fill out I-134 which i have already and now we're required to do a DS-5540 form as well? thanks in advance!
  8. For supporting evidence is a W-2 with tax return for last few years sufficient? or will i need to get my bank to issue when the account was open, total deposit and also from my employer date of employment and salary paid etc?
  9. Hello All, I submitted my I-129F packet back in early Jun 2020, shortly thereafter I received a receipt saying UCIS have received it. What is the next step? it's been 5 months and I still have not heard anything yet, should my fiancé in Vietnam receive a letter or myself next? Is there a way to check the status of the I-129F packet? Thank you all.
  10. So I just delayed the process by a few months then? Once they catch it, i'll receive a RFE via mail, then ill need to send in my divorce decree?
  11. I made a copy of the entire packet and was going over it again today because i felt like i was missing something and indeed i did leave out the divorce decree from my table of content and the packet....Usually how long will i receive a RFE?
  12. I recently mailed my I29 F form and received a text confirmation saying they USCIS has received the packet, however I now realize I forgot to attach a copy of my divorce decree, what can i do?
  13. I am gathering my I29F packet together and will submit it in a few weeks. In the meantime I'm gathering items for the I-34 form, when will I need to submit this?
  14. ah ok, lol i just wanted to make sure i have everything so it doesn't get delayed or rejected.
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