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  1. For 11 - Since you are a US citizen, you would not be immigrating with him. This question refers to any other person who would be seeking a visa in addition to your husband. This form is for your husband to complete so all questions relate to him. Since he has not received any government assistance (I'm assuming?) you can check no. For assets, I believe if the deed is in his name, you can add that as available to him. Your appraisal should also be fine for the period. Your savings account cannot be assets available to him. It has to be in his name. Hope this helps.
  2. Got DQ on 29 Jan, initial interview was to be in April but the consulate rescheduled for Aug
  3. No, I had been DQ by the time the new rule was passed so I uploaded it anyway under Additional Documents
  4. Hi everyone, Need some clarity here. My interview is scheduled for August and my Police Certificate expired in June as the validity was for 6 months. I know the Police certificate for Ghana is deemed to be for one year. Did anyone redo their Police Certificate when it expired? I just want to be prepared so I don't get stuck in AP due to an expired document. Thanks
  5. Yes, the information on the form pertains to your wife and needs to be filled. I uploaded mine to CEAC after being DQ and will take it to the interview. If she has no assets, then I believe you put in $0; same with liabilities.
  6. That's extremely expensive. I had mine done same day for 400 cedis. The official fees are like 200 cedis. I can send you the number of the Police personnel who assisted me.
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