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  1. next week i have interview at islamabad embassy. when it comes to birth certificate what they ask for? .Just NADRA birth certificate , which i have. i was reading other people post that they ask for NADRA and original birth certificate and its translation. i donot understand this. I though NADRA birth certificate is all you need. please help. thanks
  2. Todsy I received the appointment email from NVC but no letter from the embassy yet.how long it take to get letter from the embassy. Any one know?
  3. Need help and clarification please. I got DQ email from NVC on 1/21/2020. Right two minutes before DQ email, I got email that NVC updated your case status log in to see the case status. I logged in to the CEAC portal to check the status. Under civil documents it says "INCOMPLETE" Rest of the items says ACCEPTED. I thought it was some kind of technical error. I have been waiting for the interview since then, no interview yet. I am confused between two emails. My case still says AT NVC. visa category: CR1 DQ 1/21/20
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