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  1. I needed a break from everything - all social media. Like, I’m so upset about it I can’t take ppl asking “soooooo, did you start work yet...” and junk like that. I actually ‘ugly-cried’ last week because I am just so so done. I don’t understand. My expedited case changed from expedite approved to expedite denied for not providing enough evidence of an emergent case - or something. That SENT me. I’ve been told since then tgat it’s not cancelled (ok, so why does it say so?) The call centre has proven to be a total waste of time. Tier 2 is proving to be the same. im at a complete loss. Thank k you for the positive thoughts and well-wishes. I need them more than ever right now!
  2. Heyyy sorry. I have been awol! I can’t take it anymore. Sent back the RFE the next day and still sitting here. Nothing. That was 8 days ago. Status updates to “information received” and then silence.... my job start date got extended to July 6 and I’m super doubtful that USCIS will get it together in time for me to start. Not happy. Miserable. ive called on Congress and senate for support and all they can do for me is give me an update that I am fully capable of obtaining myself. I feel 1000% helpless. sorry for the bummer post. I’m a mess.
  3. I don’t understand! Expedite request was approved may 15. “Additional info received” on June 1st - even though nothing ‘additional’ was sent. received RFE last night for I-864 - priority expressed it this morning. JUST received a “expedite request denied” on My I-765. what is going on. Freaking out!!
  4. This JUST happened to me. Freaking out. I have a job offer. Was supposed to start work June 1. Literally just mailed off my RFE for my I-864 this morning and now this. I feel like I’m moving backwards. How is this possible? many insights would be greatly appreciated
  5. You are my hero right now! Thank you! I think you’re right in suggesting a joint sponsor. Does that mean we need an I-864 and an I-864A for each of us (myself and 2 children?) thank you again
  6. I attached everything, my issue was that I filed the I-134 not the I-864. Ugh. there is 4 of us in the household. If the income is not 125% over the federal poverty limit will they take into consideration money that we have in the bank? for the past 5 years he was living/working with me in Canada. He still filed here but it was a $0 income. I previously attached all Canadian transcripts from previous years. Just with the wrong form unfortunately. to summarize my question: if current income does not show 125% over poverty is ‘money in the bank’ considered (we literally have enough saved to buy a house...almost) thank you for being awake and helping me. Freaking out.
  7. Anyone still awake out there at this hour?! Received a RFE for evidence of support. Husband has not done his taxes for 2019 yet - they are not due quite yet. Are they asking for his 2019 taxes despite them not being overdue yet?
  8. Has anyone successfully been able to get information about their RFE by calling? I know, it’s a long shot, but I do not have the luxury of time right now. Thanks guys
  9. Thank you for the positive vibes. I certainly hope you’re right!!
  10. Can’t imagine what it could be about. I’ve literally sent them everything. Frustrated.
  11. So my RFE is under my I-485 and my EAD shows ‘additional info received’. Does this mean that processing of my EAD will not continue until the RFE is satisfied? Does anyone know?
  12. I’d be thankful for that - but the EAD is my biggest concern right now
  13. UPDATE: RFEs for the kids and my AOS. No idea what it could be. was not expecting this at all, as I have only expedited my EAD. hmmmmm
  14. I had signed the waiver they sent me and that was it. Nothing since.
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