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  1. They were doing some K 1 interview in Dec. The opened up a few slots toward end of Dec
  2. Hi all, my fiancé was asked to send in additional documents along with his passport to the consulate via DHL. We just read that the instructions page (generated on the AIS page) is supposed to be sent along with the documents. We didn’t include the instructions page and we’re wondering if this could have a negative impact. Does anyone have experience with sending documents to the consulate via courier? Can we just attach the instructions page as pdf and email it to the consulate? Please help. Attached below is the instructions page. (I hope my question is clear)
  3. Hi xkiima! thank you for the head up. We’ve been able to get for the 23rd. Do you have your medical done yet ? We are tryin to get a medical appointment ASAP.
  4. Immigrant visas for Ugandans are usually processed by the U.S embassy in Nairobi
  5. Yes. We had one booked for April 8 but they canceled.
  6. Hi mtu mzuri, have you heard anything yet? Our K1 was canceled in April too. I made an inquiry and this is the response they gave. So it seems they scheduling k1s after all. Waiting games...
  7. Still waiting. We’re among the ones whose interviews were canceled. Was hoping to hear some news this week since they said they’ll start to schedule this month.
  8. We emailed the embassy today and got this response within a few minutes. Some hopeful news here for those of us whose interviews were canceled.
  9. Thanks for sharing ! Didn’t think they were issuing visit (B1/B2) visas yet. One would think fam visas would take precedence.. But all in all, hoping for some positive news in October in regards to K1s and everybody else waiting..
  10. We filed Sept and it was approved by Dec. in about 3 months. But that was pre-rona.
  11. In sept last year. Been a year. Things were going well And on time until this corona shenanigans happened.
  12. Uganda Here! Had my April interview canceled. Been waiting since.
  13. Kindly update the rest of us K1s on what they say. Thanks 🙏🏾
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