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  1. Combo card should be enough - technically to fly domestically you only really need a driver's license. I'd bring the passport just for peace of mind anyway, but it's not necessary.
  2. Wow, sorry I missed that! This is what I get for reading emails before coffee. So excited to see all the December updates breezing through!
  3. Are you sure it's the cards? I live in MA too, and I got the informed delivery notice from USPS that the notice of action letter is coming in today (after approval on 5/28), but I thought there's a 96 hour delay in even producing the cards after approval.
  4. Just got notified that new EAD card is being produced after 157 days!! Such a relief and it seems they're making their way through December filers every day!
  5. Awesome!! Thanks so much and good luck on April 2nd!
  6. Status updated to interview ready to be scheduled today (well they say as of March 5th but I got the notification at 3 am)! And idea how long it takes for the Boston office to schedule it? Still no word on EAD card though.
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