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  1. I-485 approved !! on 4/13/23, No interview. Hoping for good news for everyone else here soon!
  2. bump. any approvals or progess for anyone? @dmeister3 we got the same rfe. Went ahead and did the i-693 at a nearby medical office for about 400 dollars. No sense in trying to get around an RFE this late in the process i figured.
  3. No movement for us. Last update , interview scheduled then cancelled in the same day July 13 2022 EAD was surprisingly quick only 4 month wait time, no approval of travel permit but we aren't concerned about that.
  4. Its incredible how similar our timelines are and I'm feeling the same way as you
  5. any update here? we have been stuck on "interview cancelled" for 3 months. biometrics was back in march.
  6. update work permit approved! almost exactly 5 months from filing date. also saw a notice that the rfe i got was recieved and was under review. does that mean the aos will be moving forward with a possible interview date soon?
  7. hello ive had to start over work-wise since the covid crisis and im finding with my current job i qualify for snap benefits. i am the non-sponsor spouse and the snap application asks for my wife's information despite applying only for myself since i had to include that i was married. Will this negatively affect the AOS? As i understand the new rule considers snap benefits as a public charge but only after 12 months, but I dont want to take a big risk on the AOS.
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