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  1. hello ive had to start over work-wise since the covid crisis and im finding with my current job i qualify for snap benefits. i am the non-sponsor spouse and the snap application asks for my wife's information despite applying only for myself since i had to include that i was married. Will this negatively affect the AOS? As i understand the new rule considers snap benefits as a public charge but only after 12 months, but I dont want to take a big risk on the AOS.
  2. Hello, i am the petitioner for a k1 at the bogota embassy. My NOA2 is january 26 and my ceac status is "at nvc". It has been over 6 months without any letter or change to ceac status. I did call and received a case number and invoice number. I have now read the bogota embassy website carefully and it says on their informational page "As we increase the range of our immigrant services available, we’ll be processing cases in the order that the National Visa Center determined the case to be “documentarily qualified.”  I have never heard of this process and have never received any instruction on how to do this. On the ceac processing page, the only instruction is to fill out form DS-160, which as I understand has an expiration of 30 days and should be done as the case is sent to the consulate.
  3. Its still "at NVC" ??? I believe based on your post history that you got NOA2 approval in March 2020? so you must be at the front of the line when it comes to the interview process. Who knows whats going on there, this is an unprecedented interruption of K1 visas so we just have to have faith. My NOA2 is january 2021 so I can only imagine that our interview date must be way over the horizion, Im hoping for a possibility of next year at this point. Never give up love knows know distance or time, we will be with our other half for a life time so a few years of processing can be overcome in the big picture!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=709305306401839 Fiance sent me this today. Looks promising!
  5. I never knew that was an option. It was never mentioned to me on the call.
  6. So I had called about this and forgot to update my thread. The representative told me that it is likely a clerical error and it's not worth fixing formally, because the representative said that it cannot affect the application going forward.
  7. This worked amazingly well, thank you! but the wait time was 252 minutes! (4.2 hours)... I'll try to make a virtual appointment or something.
  8. Who do i contact? tried the general USCIS help number which was useless.
  9. Got the official approval notice today (Form I-797). Reading the small print it says "it has been noted this is your second approved I-129F petition and as such, your information has been entered in a multiple visa petition tracking database." (Just above the bolded statement THIS IS NOT A VISA) Is this a common mistake? Is it worth making an effort to correct this or should I leave it be? Neither myself nor my fiance have ever filed an i129f before.
  10. Approved !!! NOA1 June 16 , NOA2 January 26. Seems like theres a big wave of approvals going around !
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