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  1. It is completely normal proceedings, just go with what the Officer told you
  2. Don't you have to pay once you receive the visa only ?
  3. Hi, yes they just updated it today to ISSUED. I am very happy about it but I just have to wait a lot since they apparently send it every Thursday I believe...is it correct you think ? Thanks and congrats for you ! Thanks it did just today
  4. Hey Everyone, I had my interview for CR-1 visa the morning of 23rd of July 2020 at the US Embassy in Paris. Consular Officer told me my visa was approved and I will receive my passport in 7 to 10 business days with the visa stamp. I just checked CEAC and it now says "Administrative Processing". I've read a lot of horrible stories about administrative processing with people being stuck for weeks and even months on end without any reason being given. I'm wondering if a few days of "administrative processing" is the case for every visa and the CEAC will switched to issued in a few days? or should I brace for some possibly longer delays?? Would love to hear from other people in Paris and other embassies! Thanks a lot
  5. Yes I did already made translation of it all actually this morning. Thanks
  6. Thanks man, that's what I found so far yes, they seem content with this. Another question though: in French institution, papers are declared to be valid only if they are 3 month old maximum (older is not considered good). But As I plan to bring documents from the time I filed with NVC to the interview, will they hold that against me as a problem ? I do not have the time to order new certificates and other things, my interview is the 15th of July 2020...
  7. Hi, I need to bring English translation of some documents to the embassy in Paris for my interview. Do you know what certified translation means for them ? Can anyone fluent in English and French translate it for me with a statement that this person translated to the best of its knowledge ? Or do I have to contact a certified translator by the court of Justice ? Thank you all
  8. Thank you all for your answers, I am now in France and everything is going smooth. Just the interview to do and done. Have a good day everyone
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