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  1. What does that mean “final disposition”? Is that the judgement? Does remaining on probation create a problem?
  2. Hi there, been perusing here for about six months, first time posting. Thanks for the great trove of information! I am a USC petitioner preparing an I-129F. Regretfully, I have previously been arrested and convicted of a DUII. I have obtained original certified copies of the arrest record and court documents. But I was wondering if I needed to also submit documentation of completion of all of the sentencing's requirements-- like alcohol treatment, jail confinement, payment of fines, etc. I understand that criminal history is submitted primarily so that the beneficiary can make an informed decision on whether or not to marry a criminal, and forthcoming petitioners will not be denied outright for having previous convictions. I want to submit a complete application on the first attempt and not get an RFE. Do you think it is necessary? I have nothing to hide and my beneficiary is very aware of all of the things that would be found in anything included, I would just rather not include it if it is not necessary. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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