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  1. I know that before the interview it's necessary to register the address online in order to return the passport. But, is it also needed to register the actual appointment date online? I'm seeing some conflicting information and travel.state.gov doesn't really make it clear. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Supplements/Supplements_by_Post/CRO-Cairo.html
  2. Ohhhh okay, thank you!! I had no idea it was two different rules. Just needed to make sure we didn't need to bring the DS-5540 so we didn't show up missing something. We won't be bringing it then.
  3. I know public charge inadmissibility is in place, but I thought it went back to the old rule? The DS-5540 was with the new rule. As per this link https://www.dhs.gov/news/2021/03/09/dhs-secretary-statement-2019-public-charge-rule#:~:text=Today%2C DHS Secretary Alejandro N,keeping with our nation's values Also, please check out this https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/update-on-public-charge.html So it's gone, we don't have to bring it? Right?
  4. Since the Public Charge rule is no longer in effect, does this mean we no longer need to bring the DS-5540 to our visa interview?
  5. When I go to the site where you're supposed to choose the delivery address for your passport it says the below. I realize we have the DS-260 but should this be a concern? Does this mean we need to go back on the DS-260 and update the new passport number once we receive it or would this not work considering the documents have already been sent to the embassy and an interview scheduled? Or do we simply put the new passport number when we schedule the delivery and simply bring the old and new to the interview as you advised? Please advise as im not sure what to do or if this message even applies to us. @Lucky Cat
  6. Im not that worried about it in my situation as I've been living in Egypt with my husband and did not have a work visa while we were waiting for the interview. That is what our joint sponsor is for... However, I will certainly look at getting the tax return if possible or transcript from the joint sponsor as to avoid AP.
  7. Okay, thanks. I will take that with me. I was going to request IRS by online but I don't have a credit card or anything to verify myself. I requested tax return by mail so if they actually end up sending something I will include that as well. For the joint sponsor, what should I do considering she does't have tax return? She only has W2 and tax receipt showing she has paid in. But she will also be looking for anything additional and said she will send it to me. I have the tax returns from the prior years, but not this most recent.
  8. Thanks. I already filed the I-864 and it was accepted. I simply created a word document explaining why I did not have to file taxes for the 3 years, as I didn't have income, and it was already accepted. I am Documentarily Qualified already. Should that be enough then? I had no idea an IRS paper for non-filer was required because when I searched it before I always saw that just written explanation was needed.
  9. So the passport says profession: student when the applicant is no longer a student. It also has outdated military information which is concerning since here in Egypt the military service is required except for exempted/postponed situations. We are thinking about renewing it so that this information is updated incase it will cause a delay with the embassy or perhaps issues when trying to fly. Does anyone know if this is actually an issue and we should get it renewed for this reason? It doesn't actually expire until 2023 so we just want to update the outdated information.
  10. I'm confused about whether we are supposed to bring financial evidence and the affidavit of support to the visa interview as I'm seeing conflicting information. On the interview preparation page, as picture below, it says it is not necessary to bring the Affidavit of Support or financial evidence submitted to NVC. However, this appointment letter checklist (for example) states the Affidavit of Support and recent tax returns are required? https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Supplemental/appt letter_checklist for interview.pdf So, I'm confused. I guess we should just bring them anyway to be on the safe side? On that same note, we do need to bring the most recent tax information right? I, the petitioner and first sponsor, have not filed taxes as I didn't have an income. So, do I need to create some word document stating that or can I just verbally tell them the reason why I didn't file? As for the joint sponsor, she filed her taxes already but had to pay in. She's already sent me her needed W2s but I think she doesn't have a tax return, is it sufficient enough to provide her W2s and Tax Receipt from where she paid? Please advise.
  11. Thank you so much! I also have a quick silly question not justifying an entire new post.. I just want to confirm that the applicant only needs to bring updated passport sized photos to the interview, not the petitioner (even if the petitioner/spouse is joining the interview).
  12. Thank you! Because the passport has some outdated information needing to be changed. I don't want to risk a delay at all! So we simply bring both with us and inform the interviewer that it's been updated, show it to him/her, and that's all? It shouldn't be any cause for concern? Sorry, I'm not sure how common that is and what happens as a result.
  13. Is it okay to renew the passport which was uploaded to the NVC? Can I renew the passport and bring the new one and old one to the visa interview or will the new updated passport cause a delay since it's different from what was uploaded to NVC?
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