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  1. Has anyone been scheduled for an interview yet? Was it a rescheduling due to covid or a completely new, first time interview notice?
  2. I called and they told me that as of May 15, I am "in line for interview scheduling", but that I have not been given a date or sent a notice yet because the offices are still closed. My world crashed when Giovanna announced late April that USCIS would not be opening in May after all, so I hope we wont have any such announcement these coming weeks.
  3. This topic is relevant to all the people who want to know more about what information the government holds about them in their A-files. If your post does not contribute constructively to this thread, then I am asking the moderators to remove it.
  4. I asked about things I did not understand in the A-file, while you are completely ranting about asking records from a doctor, which has nothing to do with the topic of this thread. People are free to post at will, but related to the topic and not completely irrelevant things.
  5. My personal health records and where they lie is none of your business, Ban Hammer and Quarknase. Please stay on the topic.
  6. I needed my vaccines sheet, and in their response they included the N-400 as well.
  7. HI, I made a FOIA request of my A-file and it arrived 2 months later. I don't understand what does "LHM result" and the "disposition" mean in the FBI name check section. I also do not understand why they have 3 pages under "Risk and Fraud", I do not have any arrests or traffic violations or any trouble with the law whatsoever. Is this standard? .
  8. You can always rescind your application and reapply when the coronavirus will have been gone.
  9. https://docs.house.gov/billsthisweek/20200511/BILLS-116hr6800ih.pdf pages 1734-1736
  10. https://www.visajourney.com/times/ lists December 14, 2019 as the current processing time for the N-400, what does this mean, please?
  11. You are right, they need to do all the biometrics for all the people who have applied since March. Everybody loves the Swiss, so you will be the first one through the door when they reopen. However, I still have this daunting thought in the back of my head that they would prefer half a million immigrants to naturalise after the October deadline for registering to vote.
  12. Jacksonville is up to 11 months!!! We will not vote this November!
  13. It should be entirely new appointments for those who did not have any previous appointment, proving that the wheels of USCIS are turning, albeit in slow motion.
  14. An indicator that USCIS will actually open in June is that there will be N-400 interviews scheduled in advance for that month. We were very disappointed when USCIS was supposed to reopen in April or May but that did not actually happen. However, no one actually got any April or May interviews scheduled and from this, the continued closure was to be expected. So, in case you do get a June N-400 interview scheduled, please confirm it in here.
  15. My God, this better not be an evil plot to prevent soon to be citizens to cast a ballot in November.
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