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  1. Last reply from the USEM MNL: "We have well over one thousand K-1's sitting at the Embassy and well over 10 Thousand Approved K-1's being held at the NVC" Min. 11,000 / 50 per month = 18 years to process and adjudicate current K-1 backlog as of today.
  2. Now they have switched up their tactics and updated their verbiage in response I assume because so many people have called BS on their BS so now it is "Case load and resources" which is a problem they themselves created by being lazy, incompetent fools all this time.
  3. lol, that's funny as hell. Also the USEM MNL is NOT Closed I will say up front that I do not recommend getting married and starting all over with a CR-1, but should you want options ........ You and your Fiancée can get married online through the state of Utah and neither of you need to be physically present in Utah at the time of marriage and it does not matter if your Fiancée is physically located in PH. - Currently the PH Authorities are not allowing spouses to enter alone i.e. the couple must enter together but early last month this was not the case and in the future it may not be the case again so there is a possible option and if going this route you can "Consumate" until your hearts content lol Another possible option is to fly your fiancée out of the country and meet in a 3rd party country to you both (CR is an easy one for US / PH) and get married abroad get all the documentation in order and then re-enter together (Consumation would not seem to be an issue in this case). Both of these scenarios would require much documentation and getting a 9a visa to enter which the DFA is not issuing exemptions for at the moment and neither is the PHEM issuing visas for at the moment but may soon be again. Additionally, flying out to get married may require quite a bit of money and additional paperwork for the PH IO. The USEM MNL is currently processing K-1's outside of just the Expedite criteria of the additional category of those who are already case ready at the USEM. Give them a call and give them your priority date and some other info including your Fiancée's Passport # and they may follow up with an email to your Fiancée to sched. an interview
  4. Unfortunately yes, the case has already been filed the closing date to join was Apr. 5th Many Social platforms admins deemed it "Self Promoting" to post anything about it and therefore it was difficult spreading the word around quickly in time as many people who tried to do so, were silenced, the posts censored and some people even banned for doing so not to mention many people who told everyone they knew that it was just a scam (Crabs in the bucket mentality). But the case is moving forward and hopefully will continue to produce positive effects not only for the plaintiffs but for everyone stuck in this nightmarish situation.
  5. Primarily they update via video's on FB and YT as well as their Twitter accounts. The case is being handled by a litigation team comprised of 3 law firms Siskand Susser P.C. Joseph & Hall P.C. Kuck Baxter Immigration, LLC The case is called Ramirez v. Blinken and the case number is 1:21-cv-01099. Though you have to sift through the rest of the cases they talk about to hear about the Manila one as well I'm not sure if this site will allow the links, but try this Try this channel in Youtube ImmPact Litigation Channel Or This FB Page Siskind Susser - Immigration Lawyers
  6. That's awesome, I directly quoted their "expedite qualifications" as well and put both the NVC and USEM MNL on the email (since we fall into the qualification category) but at that point they just stopped replying to me on those emails, it has been over a month since I did so and no response at all. But in the mean time I have sent additional Requests NOT quoting their Expedite qualifications to them, just to test the response and quick as jack rabbits they respond and say they cannot and/or will not expedite, but to any email I send them quoting their own qualifications and including the supporting evidence to prove we are qualified, they just do not respond to at all. Rather I should say the USEM MNL does not respond, the NVC still responds after removing the USEM MNL from the email and they say, as always your case must be requested by the USEM MNL, we cannot send your case to them otherwise and we WILL NOT send your request to expedite to them either (Even thought the USEM MNL was on the original email lol)
  7. No matter if you contact the USEM MNL or the NVC or even get your senator or congress person involved it will do you no good, the NVC and USEM MNL have about 25 different BS template responses they will send you and the people answering the phones read off Q cards all basically saying NVC: the USEM MNL has to request your case from us | USEM MNL: Your case is at the NVC please contact them to see if they will forward it to us | NVC: the USEM MNL has to request your case from us | USEM MNL: Your case is at the NVC please contact them to see if they will forward it to us | NVC: the USEM MNL has to request your case from us | USEM MNL: Your case is at the NVC please contact them to see if they will forward it to us | NVC: the USEM MNL has to request your case from us | USEM MNL: Your case is at the NVC please contact them to see if they will forward it to us There is a Lawsuit being filed against the USEM MNL Specifically and the US State Dept. which has already produced some positive results for some of those a little further in line than myself i.e. Case Ready but the rest of us at the NVC may just have to see what transpires next In the mean time it is still a joke and nothing but lies, deceit and bureaucratic BS from the USEM MNL and the NVC and the DOS
  8. I knew this person named Karen once, she was a different kind of person
  9. Yeah, I found at least one nice and private hospital with the packages as you say, though it does not cover post natal for the baby only for the mother which is a bit odd to me. My Fiancée does have Philhealth so I'll ask her if she has kept it up to date. Thank you for the insight on this. We haven't run inot the C-Section thing yet, but I will definitely keep an ear out for if starts being brought up in conversation.
  10. Yeah, thanks. That was my feelings as well and it seems as this point with the OB making her choose, she seems to be choosing the OB. Not a pleasant thought but it is defining
  11. Thank you all for the replies. Yes I am 100% sure she wants me there with her as it was just as much her desire as mine from the start. Thank you for the concern and I could see how it could be generally applied, but yes I am 100% sure the baby is mine as #1 and most importantly my fiancée is a wonderful person and would never do anything like stepping out and #2 second most importantly we were alone in a 3rd party country to us both for 3 months and together 24 hours a day for the whole duration the entire time. But thanks for looking out. Yeah, I thought it was a line of BS mixed with some facilities policies. It is not a specific hospitals policy in our case since so far we have no chosen a birthing place yet, this is coming only from our OB specifically and she is trying to mix things up and say it is law and never happened before, etc... I did not trust this OB from the start and wanted to choose another, but arguing with a pregnant woman is a moot point lol, she is dead set on this OB simply because she was her sisters OB years ago uuuhhhgggg. I've already tried talking rational and common sense and logic and "hey let's look around for another OB" but I guess this is not going to happen. Basically the OB is stating that she will be there for the delivery where ever we choose as a birthing place and will not allow any biological father into the labor room during delivery regardless of the facilities policy because "She thinks there is a law in place" this is what I am dealing with and when my fiancée tried to question this her OB just shuts her down. My only thought is we need a different OB who is living in a modern century and actually listens to and cares for their patients wishes, but there is no speaking about this.
  12. Is there actually a real law in the Philippines that requires women give birth without their partner, husband, fiancé? I feel like my Fiancée is being fed a line of BS from our OB, saying that there is a Philippines "Privacy" law that Does Not "Protect" a women's right to give birth alone if she chooses but Instead "Forces" all women to give birth alone regardless of their personal feelings and the feelings of their partner. I know the Philippines is essentially insane in it's retardation of many laws and protocols and what ever else but this seems like about one of the most insanely retarded things I have heard so far.
  13. Sorry to say but that is the bureaucratic BS template they have concocted to keep people running around in circles now and it is not true. IF you request the NVC to expedite and send your case to the USEM MNL they have about 50 different BS Political based none-sense "Covid" templates they will attach in response but they all boil down to one thing and that is essentially "the USEM MNL has to request your case" and then on the other hand IF you request the USEM MNL to expedite and request your case from the NVC they also have about 50 different BS Political based none-sense "Covid" templates they will attach in response but they all boil down to one thing and that is essentially "We do not have your case here at the USEM MNL it seems it is still at the NVC, try contacting the NVC to request your case sent to the USEM MNL" This is now the three ring circus, monkey show that Political "Covid" BS and people giving into the fear mongering, panic and "what if" has wrought Enjoy lol
  14. Now Per the IATF-MIED Res. No. #97 it is not until the 6th day of quarantine the test will be administered and released on the 7th day (if all goes well) And the order issued on entry on the U.S. states only an antigen test will be permissible although you are allowed to take either of the available antigen tests. idk if it was supposed to say PCR but under the section identifying "Acceptable test" it states Either Antigen tests only, so I will be printing out the order and bringing it will me along with the test results. I am so tired of all the BS and miss information flying around (from what should be legit sources like hospitals and immigration personnel, seems when you are just trying to create hysteria, panic and fear mongering to fulfill an agenda it's hard to keep your story straight, since not using common sense but rather made up BS as the wind shifts)
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