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  1. Thanks for the help??  kinda silly to talk about the Cr1.. I expected to get hit with "why didn't you apply for renewal 5 months ago?"  

    Its a bit late to  talk about the benefits of  a CR1 vs K1. about 4 years late!!.. There really wasn't a choice for us as we didn't decide to get married until I returned in Jan 2020 as covid hit. So K1 made sense for us.. Yes I wished I had married her on my July 1019 trip.  

    Luckily we are not in a rush, at least I hope. We hope to get her driving license before this combo expires.    

  2. wife just informed me that her combo card expires near the end of March.  We went the K1 visa route and Applied for Adjustment of status in July  21'

    We haven't heard anything for a long time on the AOS..  We have heard other AOS in Utah are over 2.5 years now. 
    We have a barcode page from the original combo card that says to tear off this portion and send in to speed up your extension or replacement card. 

    I have searched for combo card extensions and did not see any recent threads.  I've read they dont issue combo cards anymore.

    I've read there is an automatic 180 extension and not the 540 days.  we are not planning any travel out of country this year but you never know.  She is employed in our 2 person sole proprietor company. 

    Can anyone direct me  to the correct forms to send in?   I've seen some cover letters and list of forms  to send in but that was real old info

    Thanks Randy and Mayuree  Married  for 2.8 years and doing ok.

  3. pretty much the same RFE letter I got.  I did make a few mistakes, like listing my wife's maiden name and then married name.  They wanted copy of tax for 2020,

     it made some sense in that I don't have an employer and use some investment income  each year. But I had signed it and it had the SS number on it and the number in family was correct.  So these lazy workers just cut and paste on these RFE. Probably worse at  writing  English  than me. .  But I did send an official transcript from 2020. 

    Also I found out my wife's birth certificate is a 2 year old reissued one so it made sense that they wanted a letter from the government explaining this. And also  we  requested and added the translation companies letter saying they are certified to translate.   One company translated all of our documents as the RFE says each translation company you used needs this type of letter. Did you have any translated documents.


    Also I can imagine this is a good way to clear the govt workers que on Fridays. Just send an FRE and case is off  your docket.

  4. If you recall we had an address issue where our profile and application had the correct address we were not getting mailed notices because they added a 6th digit to our house number.  Luckily the USPS somehow got the biometric notice to us.  So we never got the instructions to follow for the I-131. I even requested a new document to be mailed adn also send in a e notice of this issue and also changed the address in our profile from the correct old to the same new address.  

    "Case Was Received And A Receipt Notice Was Sent

    On xxxxx, 2021, we received your Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, Receipt Number IOE0xxxxxxx, and sent you a receipt notice or acceptance notice. The notice describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.


    Current as of today at 11:27 a.m."

  5. Respond With Evidence

    Review the guidelines before you respond.

    • You only have one opportunity to respond to our notice.
    • Once we receive your response, we will resume processing your case.
    • If you fail to submit all the requested evidence, we may deny your application.
    • You cannot delete any evidence once you submit it.
    • You can respond with no more than five documents.
    • If you have more than five documents, please upload the first five on this page, then go to the Documents tab on your case and upload additional documents under Unsolicited Evidence.

    File Requirements

    • Clear and readable
    • Accepted file formats: JPG, JPEG, PDF, TIF or TIFF
    • No encrypted or password-protected files
    • If your documents are in a foreign language, upload a full English translation and the translator's certification with each original document.
    • Upload no more than five documents at a time
    • Accepted file name characters: English letters, numbers, spaces, periods, hyphens, underscores, and parentheses
    • Maximum size: 6MB per file

    I guess this means we must submit it all at once. 

    Can only upload 5 documents.  I guess  I will have to learn how to merge PDF files.

    I am thinking I can upload up to 5  documents in separate log in sessions but only once hit the submit button? 


  6. 13 minutes ago, milimelo said:

    Only if you're ok with full denial and having to start AOS all over (and pay all over $$). Look, USCIS gives you an opportunity to rectify an issue (I-864, missing document) via RFE - you don't give then what they ask for, they can turn around and deny you for failing to provide what was asked for. RFE gives you up to 90 days to return the requested items - use that time to compile everything they want and send it in on time. 

    Does your reply say we can submit things piecemeal as long as we meet the 90 days?  I should have said I plan and hope to get all the RFE Info  including about her birth certificate (complicated issue in a different country and language) by the deadline 7 weeks away.

    But does everything need to be uploaded the same day?  there may be about 5-8 different PDF files I was going to submit electronically.   Are you saying you get one chance at the RFE and they wont send out an additional RFE if we didn't give them exactly what they want.?     

  7. My RFE was asking for new I 864, copy of taxes  (not just transcript) and some stuff about her birth certificate.

    Do I include some cover letter/explanation page?

    Can I submit the I-864, taxes and submit  something about the birth certificate later?

    Do I explain this in the cover letter.


    Also do the I-131 and I-765 stop processing while they wait for the FRE on the I-485?

    We never did receive notices in the mail since there was a address mistake on their part. they somehow added a 6th digit to our house number after we got our NOA of receipt. The address on the forms was correct and on the online account was correct. we tried the help email but got a generic change address link.  at the time a popup came up saying we could not change the profile address for this active case.   It was correct anyway... we did go to the change address form and changed it even thought the before and after addresses were the same??  we requested new forms be sent .

    The I765 says it is in processing nothing outstanding

    he I-131 says its in processing and..."

     and sent you a receipt notice or acceptance notice. The notice describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address."

    We didn't get this notice.  what would it typically say?

  8. thanks guys... I used white out then made a copy. That should not have been my problem.  I did have a couple real  errors.  used her maiden name not married name .for some reason I could not download a copy without a 1 stick in line 8 for total household size.  maybe I was using some other pdf reader app.


    I guess they know your married if they look at the file and see a K1 and now a AOS for the same petitioner and recipient.

    I still have a question  


    On part 6   I consier myself self employed.

    Line  5 I don't consider myself retired although some people do. Haha

    L:ine 6 unemployed date... do I put the date of my last company employment or leave blank?    

  9. yes previously no matter what I entered line 8 stayed at 1 and was unchangeable electronically. So I printed out the page and used white out and hand input it. I appears I had it correct before. in my original submission.  In the instructions it does say not to count the same person twice and uses example of line 3 and line 6.

    IF they added the word Below are for   to the bold line  Persons NOT sponsored in this affidavit 

    or if they added   a bit on line 3 about it ok to not enter your wife here if  she is the recipient.   my mind must work different than most or something.


  10. I may have worked out my flash issues by downloading the latest acrobat for editing the I-864.  But I have still  an issue on household size. line 1 and 2 are autopopulated to 1 so total on line 8 is 2.  line 3 is if married and IF I put a 1 there the total goes to 3 on line 8.  Someone advised me to leave married at 0 back in July but this doesn't seem right. 


    On part 6 as self employed.

    Line  5 I don't consider myself retired although some people do. Haha

    L:ine 6 unemployed date... do I put the date of my last company employment or leave blank

  11. good news is USCIS did reply to our e mail.   bad news is  they dont understand the system says you cant change your address in your profile for an active application?? JEEZ


    "Your USCIS online filing system account has options that you may change and customize at your convenience. By choosing the “Profile” button in your USCIS online filing system account, you may change your Contact Preferences, Mailing Address, and Physical Address."


    I did send in an online address form change using same old and new address??  jump doggy... how high master?

  12. I did find the reciprocity agreement and it wants a Sutibat. Wife says the original amphor records were destroyed in a fire so this is some type of replacement document.

    USCIS also says. 

    :If the applicant's birth certificate is not available, they must submit acceptable secondary evidence and an original written statement from the government agency authorized to issue the birth certificate. The letter must indicate the reason the record does not exist and whether similar records for the time and place are available. The letter must contain a legible seal, a legible stamp, or a signature with the title of the issuing official. Examples of acceptable secondary evidence the applicant may submit include, but are not limited to, church or school records listing the applicant's parents’ names and the applicant's date of birth; hospital records of the applicant's birth; or other official records indicating a country and record of birth."


    Im not sure what we need.  Ask the translator for a letter saying they are a qualified service?

    Wife says her Thai visa  FB group  tells her this is common and what we submitted it fine. 


    Also we must complete our resubmittal before Dec 31.. but of course we want to do it pronto.


  13. 1 hour ago, Freckles21 said:

    I did put $75k on the i864 and provided everything they needed and we still got an RFE letter. I did provide a letter from his employer which states that’s how much he makes, as well as pay stubs from the last 6 months and all taxes from the last 3 years(w2s, 1040s and 1099) . I have a feeling they probably misplaced our paperwork. 

    did the RFE only ask for proof of income? 

  14. thanks for the reply.  Investment income from a rollover IRA can be as reoccurring as we need and it shows up as income in my taxes.   I did include some investment account year end statement and included it on the I864. It far exceeded the 5x minimum income. I didn't think I needed to bother to include the house. I know houses are not considered liquid assets rightly so.   I may include it just so they know more of my  financial standing.

    I did do some stupid mistakes it appears. 

  15. on the topic of my tax return for 2020 and proving this years income:  if I am correct the minimum 125% poverty income is 21,775$

    I am self employed with rental income and also withdrawal from an investment account that shows up as income. I can print out an up to date investment account statement showing distributions that I control.  Should I include rental contracts?  including letters of rental increases? (not really important for minimum income level) 

    I didn't include my home in original I-864 but maybe I should? any input on this.

    How do I show its appraised value?  Do I just use this years tax statement which always shows a lower value than zillow or what the market is doing. Although the state has been ramping this up in recent years.  Provide bank loan closed letter ?

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