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  1. Thanks for the help?? kinda silly to talk about the Cr1.. I expected to get hit with "why didn't you apply for renewal 5 months ago?" Its a bit late to talk about the benefits of a CR1 vs K1. about 4 years late!!.. There really wasn't a choice for us as we didn't decide to get married until I returned in Jan 2020 as covid hit. So K1 made sense for us.. Yes I wished I had married her on my July 1019 trip. Luckily we are not in a rush, at least I hope. We hope to get her driving license before this combo expires.
  2. wife just informed me that her combo card expires near the end of March. We went the K1 visa route and Applied for Adjustment of status in July 21' We haven't heard anything for a long time on the AOS.. We have heard other AOS in Utah are over 2.5 years now. We have a barcode page from the original combo card that says to tear off this portion and send in to speed up your extension or replacement card. I have searched for combo card extensions and did not see any recent threads. I've read they dont issue combo cards anymore. I've read there is an automatic 180 extension and not the 540 days. we are not planning any travel out of country this year but you never know. She is employed in our 2 person sole proprietor company. Can anyone direct me to the correct forms to send in? I've seen some cover letters and list of forms to send in but that was real old info Thanks Randy and Mayuree Married for 2.8 years and doing ok.
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