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  1. Awating for Interview since July 2021, same month I received EAD/AP. My EAD is valid until July 2023, so I feel like its a temporary GC since I get to live the same way as I would with a GC (maybe also because I already had a SSN from a work and travel trip I did 10 years ago, unrelated to my marriage). I travelled back home over the holidays and it was fine, although they did take me to the back room for further questions at customs, but I was just transparent about my current immigrations process and then they stamped by passport and that was it.
  2. In my case they only did the general physical, asked me routine questions and ''if I had been in any trouble'', then took blood out, and a urine sample. I had all my vaccines so they didnt require any adittionals. I paid 350 for the test and 45 for two titers. (Located in Knoxville, TN) Got my results in 5 days with a copy for myself. My question is, how ong are those valid for? I got the deficiency notice for my medical, and I am waiting on my interview to be scheduled. At the doctor they told me to send it soon because they were only valid 2 months, but the deficiency letter said to not send anything and just take them with me to the interview. I am worries those 400$ will go to waste if my appointment takes long to be scheduled.
  3. I actually think otherwise, or at least I marked yes which a lawyer told me to do. I was also very confused, since I had started the process with the NVC, submitted all papers paid all fees and was waiting to hear back from them. Then pandemic, border closures, etc... countries and I found myself in the US not knowing what to do. I was advised to let the NVC process pending and start AOS, since I had proof of no immigrant intent at my time of entry. I filled the form with: Yes, in decision I wrote pending and in date I wrote N/A. Once I filed AOS I notified the NVC with an online inquiry. All my AOS package has been accepted, received my EAD/AP and now I am waiting for the interview. Just so you know I didnt get an RFE for my answer.
  4. Received my EAD/AP this week and now it says my interview is ready to be scheduled!. Waiting to get this over with but it already feels like a success to have gotten the EAD card. I filed AOS package late January and had biometrics early May. Expedited EAD with job offer. Trying to get an idea on how long it will take to have the interview!
  5. Im in TN. 350$ for the physical, blood/urine exams and I paid 45 for two titers they ''had'' to do. That included the paperwork. In 5 days they call me for results and to tell me if need any vaccines, which I can get with them or in another place. Other places I called wouldnt even give me a price or told me 100-1000 range, ridiculous.
  6. July 23: work authorization approved, travel permit approved and interview ready to be scheduled (I485). Today received the deficiency letter asking to bring the medical exam results to the interview. Now waiting for 1797 notice for action for EAD/AP card and interview appointment letter.
  7. Update in case my experience can be of someone's use: Waited a week after status changed to show my RFE response package was received. Started trying Emma and calling to get a response regarding my EAD expedite request that was put on hold until I responded to the RFE (I had already faxed evidence and never got any other updates). Finally, I was able to get an agent that didnt just slammed the door on me with the ''you just have to wait'', and actually told me that in their system the expedite request didnt appear, so odd!. I even sent a screenshot of my case status and dates when I and the rep contacted them with my request's evidence. Anyways, she told me to just go ahead and make another expedite request (my third one), so I explained the financial loss/job offer situation and how ive had 2 months with my last expedite request not being processed despite all evidence already sent. Two day later (today) I check my case status and it had changed to ''New Card is being produced''. Honestly, so many times I thought that was the end, that Im still so distrustful and expecting something to go wrong, so.... YAY! but also waiting for the card in my hands to be like OKAY NOW YAAAY. Because who knows how long it will be till I get, a week, a month, 6 months.... nothing surprises me anymore.
  8. AOS sent January 30th. Tried expediting EAD with job offer in begining April and got denied for lack of biometrics. Biometrics on May 3rd and second expedite request on May 5th. Got an RFE asking for more financial evidence for I485 on June 1st, so my expedite request was placed on hold with my complete case. Response to RFE package sent July 7th, now waiting for my expedite request to be granted while the rest of my adjustment of status is processed. No clue about time frame, I've had job offers since beginning of March, yet here we are. But I feel for you that haven't even gotten biometrics letter. I would say to contact your rep and put pressure through them.
  9. I am exhausted. After 4 months of having sent our AOS package we received an RFE that is simply wrong. My husband meets the requirements to be my sponsor, he makes way over 125% of the poverty line. We waited a whole year for him to get this job with benefits, amid the pandemic and the economic crisis, so that we could file for my AOS. We sent a letter from the employer stating the job, yearly salary, dates of employment and benefits included and sent the pay stubs he had received at the time. I provided evidence of my assets in Peru and proof of income from the last two years in the form of a full ride scholarship that covered both mine and my husbands expenses. Simultaneously, I filed for an expedite request for my EAD citing financial loss and because I have a job offer since March. USCIS has said my case is on pause until I respond to the RFE which means they wont grant my request for the EAD so I can work. So they are ignoring my request for a job authorization despite having a job offer because my husband does not make enough money? What is the sense in that? They are creating the problem and expecting us to sit tight while I have no work permit, no drivers license, no authorization to leave the country, and have to keep paying thousands of dollars for paperwork and legal fees. It is simply unacceptable. They are asking for a joint sponsor bcause ''petitioner does not meet 125% of poverty guideline'' and also asking for evidence of current income ''which is considered sufficient'' (see attachment). My husband is working since January, which means he does not have 6 months of pay stubs yet. We do not want to get anyone involved as a joint sponsor, that is the whole reasons we waited for my husband to get this job so he would be the sole sponsor and avoid the insane amount of stress that is involving my in laws. I can't sponsor myself because they wont grant my EAD. I dont know what to do.... I am stuck.
  10. I tried expediting back in April personally and through my Representative, and I got denied saying my case was on hold until biometrics. I got my biometrics done on Monday 3rd and I called to expedite the very next day. I also contacted the Rep again and they filed an expedite on my behalf, the system registered that on Wed 5th they received it.
  11. AOS package sent on Jan 30th. Had my biometrics on May 3rd and filed an expedite request on the 5th for financial loss linked to a job offer. On the 16th they asked me to fax evidence and now I am waiting for the result so I get my EAD.
  12. I went to https://www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative and with my zip code I figured out who it was. Then on their website there was a button for getting help with a federal agency and it took me to a form where they asked basic contact info and my request. Soon after a team member contacted me asking for supporting evidence and a letter so they could file the expedite on my behalf.
  13. I filed an expedite request (financial loss and job offer) at the begining of April through my Rep, but they send me an email rejecting the request and saying my case was pending until I had biometrics. A week later I receuved my bio appointment letter, which just took place on Monday. First thing Tuesday I filed a second request, both personally and through my Rep. Within 5 days they are supposed to either deny it, grant it or perhaps ask for evidence, altough I sent it all to the Rep with a letter of explanation. I'm literally checking the online case status every 30 min no joke, I'm going insane🤯
  14. An attorney told me to write: 1. Yes 2. Lima, Peru (in my case) 3. In decision I put pending, since I never replied to the RFE I received. 4. In date of decision I put N/A I dont know if in your case it would be the same with you didnt go through the whole process, or if you would write DQ and the date they notified you about it.
  15. Hello, I had a similar experience than yours. Ill copy paste part of a message that I send someone else who asked me about this as well: In January 2020, while I was in the US with a tourist visa, the NVC created the case and in early February we upload all forms. March 2020 and Peru, my country, closes all borders indefinately. It was about two week before my return flight was scheduled. I still had my B2 visa valid till June so we decided to wait and see how pandemic and NVC progressed. April 2020 we receive an RFE asking for documents that I could only obtain in person in my country, which had all non-essential instituions closed, so no way I was going to get them even if I managed to get a flight there. At the same time, we spoke to 2 lawyers about the best way to proceed and both told me to stay and file AOS, since I have extensive evidence that I had no immigrant intent at my time of arrival (NVC receipts, return ticket, I had change interview consulate from Germany to Peru, closure of borders, proof of signing up with the Peruvian Consulate for Assistance). I contacted NVC to let them know I was changing process to AOS and I am waiting for my green card to be granted, I just had my biometrics earlier this week and I am waiting for my EAD and AP.
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