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  1. Like the posts before me, the same literal letter about the 48 months extension was sent to me today. My received date is 02/03, first notice date is 02/07. The one from today is 03/15. Now I got two 48 months letters!😬 nothing regarding biometrics!
  2. I got the 48 months letter somewhere in February and randomly I’m expecting a letter from USCIS today according to USPS informed delivery. Online status hasn’t been updated from ‘case was received’. Anyone has any idea what the letter is for?
  3. 1/31 shipped package 02/02 picked up from PO Box 02/08 received text!
  4. 1/31 shipped package 02/02 picked up from PO Box. do I still belong with the January filers? 😅 getting nervous already…
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